Dara and Karman’s Top 10 Hottest Femmes

3. Carmen (Sarah Shahi) in The L Word: The Four-Alarm Fire Femme

In addition to making the top five on the AfterEllen.com Hot 100 List, Sarah Shahi made a big splash on The L Word as Carmen de la Pica Morales, the woman who captured the heart of resident stud Shane McCutcheon. In addition to spinning records, Carmen spun a few heads around with her effortless sexiness and her passionate nature. If Carmen asked us, we’d probably put on ugly party dresses too.

Karman: I fell in love with Carmen the first time she told Shane "f— you!" And I liked her even more when Shane replied, "OK," and Carmen took the, um, challenge.

Dara: I love a woman who challenges me every now and then. Not being able to get away with everything is sexy — but a pain in the ass too.

Karman: And speaking of asses, you could bounce a dime off hers. I’m still recuperating from her bra/panties/garters striptease for Shane that was so rudely interrupted by a meaningless phone call from, of all people, Jenny (Mia Kirshner).

Note to Ilene Chaiken: I can forgive even the Betty theme song, but not the cutaway from that particular private dance.

Dara: Carmen’s no prude, that’s for sure. She had sex with Jenny while she was on the toilet. I found that scene disturbing.

Karman: Ugh. I agree. Carmen with Jenny was just so wrong, and that scene was the most wrong of the wrong. They didn’t even look comfortable with it, and they are both good actors.

Dara: I didn’t think it was possible to have a Carmen sex scene that was not hot, but there it was, in all its porcelain glory.

That said, I love Carmen’s style. Her clothes rock. I love her skirts — all four inches of them. And she has amazing teeth. A quality femme is all about good dental hygiene.

Karman: For me, it’s all about the hair. And she has a long, thick, gorgeous mane of it. Sigh. I need to take a moment.

OK, I’m back.

So what kind of jackass stands Carmen up at the altar? It’s like what the comic Sandra Valls said in her recent interview with AfterEllen.com, "You don’t cheat on Carmen. You cheat with Carmen!"

Dara: Word.

Personal Style: 9
Wit(s): 8.5
Powers of Seduction: 10
How She Works a Skirt: 10
Weaponry Skills: 7.5 (Fire extinguishers aren’t terribly lethal.)

Total Score: 45

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