Dara and Karman’s Top 10 Hottest Femmes


5. Linda (Elizabeth Mitchell) in Gia: The Devoted Femme

In Gia, the HBO film that launched the gay crushes of a thousand straight women, Angelina Jolie starred as the heroin-addicted lesbian supermodel who died from AIDS. But even a beautiful mess like Gia Carangi needs a good woman by her side. That good woman was Linda (Elizabeth Mitchell), a mild-mannered — and initially straight — makeup artist who eventually falls for Gia’s reckless, stormy ways.

Dara: I think I might like Elizabeth Mitchell more than her character in this one. Linda wasn’t there for Gia when Gia started her downward spiral. She was living with that guy, and yet signing for all those flowers Gia kept sending her. Either refuse the roses or accept them and who they came from. I didn’t like that.

Karman: Yeah, but she had to come out and dump him first. Then she got with the program.

Dara: You could see their attraction from the moment she and Gia met. Eyebrow tweezing is a flirting technique I didn’t know about until this film. And Linda was willing to get naked with Gia on their first meeting. Where are these women, anyway?

Karman: I’ll tell you later.

Dara: You’d better. I guess I should admit I’m under Elizabeth Mitchell’s thrall. She has an ethereal quality that puts me in a trance. On ER, when she played Kerry Weaver’s lover, she had that same essence.

Karman: Not to mention an excellent smirk, a killer raised eyebrow, and a pile of blond tresses that would make Portia de Rossi squirm with envy.

In Gia, her girlfriend kicked in her window and lied to her, but she still took her back. Linda was willing to take that ride on the Rehab Railway for Gia. Now that’s devotion.

Dara: Elizabeth, er, I mean Linda was always throwing Gia these disapproving, "You’re crazy!" looks, even when Gia was acting out, and yet she couldn’t help but be charmed or mesmerized. Some of us live to have that look thrown our way.

Karman: It’s true. And a femme who can make you feel that way is a keeper. Even if she does hide your drugs from you.

Personal Style: 7.5
Wit(s): 8
Powers of Seduction: 8
How She Works a Skirt: 6
Weaponry Skills: 8 (A finely tuned B.S. detector can be deadly to the ego of a raging addict.)

Total Score: 37.5

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