Dara and Karman’s Top 10 Hottest Femmes

6. Sharon (Jill Bennett) in In Her Line of Fire: The Feisty Femme

In In Her Line of Fire, the Vice President of the United States must rely on two lesbians to save his life when his plane goes down on a remote South American island inhabited by rebel insurgents. While it may sound like Mary Cheney’s home movies, this film is fictional–an original production brought to you by the gay television network, here!

The good news is that one of the rescuing lesbians is played by a real life out actress, Jill Bennett. Bennett plays Sharon, the pale femme press secretary who taps her inner butch, fires a machine gun and falls in love with the VP’s Secret Service agent,
Sergeant Major Lynn Delaney. And she does it all while retaining her feminine sass and miraculously avoiding a nasty sunburn.

Dara: This movie is a guilty pleasure. I still can’t figure out which is worse: the laughable special effects or the beyond-silly plot. I only watched it to see perennial gay-for-pay actress Mariel Hemingway make out with gay-for-real actress Jill Bennett.

Karman: Sharon is a White House press secretary, which is a thankless job even when you’re not working for a corrupt and incompetent administration.

Dara: Sharon was just trying to do her job, but kept getting the freeze-out by Sergeant Major Hemingway. After their plane went down, the Sarge had to keep everyone alive, all while fighting her feelings for Sharon. She’s a multi-tasker.

I liked when Sharon had to run through the jungle — she got all sweaty. Then, her shirt gets torn up and she ends up barefoot for a while. But she eventually ends up in combat boots, which was oddly hot.

Bennett was like a less annoying Anne Heche in Six Days, Seven Nights. Her character wasn’t cut out for running through the jungle, but she wasn’t a useless simp either. She did let the Sarge apply some aloe to her delicate foot, though.

Karman: Naturally. And Sharon and the Sarge kind of have the Spencer Tracy/Katharine Hepburn dynamic going on, but without the repressed lesbian subtext or the gin blossoms.

Dara: When Mariel finally kisses Jill, it’s to shut Sharon up because she’s hysterical. And nothing calms a femme like a big mack on the lips.

Karman: Yeah, but Sharon did kill two guys who were trying to ambush the Sarge and the Vice President. You gotta love a girl who can go from shopping at Ann Taylor to taking out a couple of insurgents. So feisty!

Personal Style: 5
Wit(s): 8
Powers of Seduction:7
How She Works a Skirt: 8
Weaponry Skills: 9

Total Score: 37

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