Dara and Karman’s Top 10 Hottest Femmes

7. Vivian (Lynn Chen) in Saving Face: The No-Nonsense Femme

In Alice Wu’s film Saving Face, Wilhelmina "Wil" Pang (Michelle Krusiec) is a workaholic young doctor with a bright future, a meddling mother (the awesome Joan Chen) and an out ballet dancer girlfriend named Vivian. When her mother moves in with her, Wil is forced to lie and sneak around to get any quality time with Vivian, who has little patience for her lover’s closeted antics.

Karman: Vivian is beautiful, graceful, no-nonsense and, most importantly, out.

Dara: Self-assuredness is very sexy.

Karman: She’s a career-minded dancer who knows what she wants — including what girl she wants — and she doesn’t sit around waiting for that girl to muster the guts to come out to her mother so that they can just be together.

Dara: Exactly. Both Wil and Vivian are beautiful, but Vivian has more backbone. Maybe it’s from all that dance training. Dancers’ bodies are awesome. Dancilious, if you will. And I will.

Karman: Yeah, I will, too. Anyway, Vivian is willing to travel the world alone if her girlfriend can’t get on board with making a life with her.

I thought Vivian was sexy and cool, and I didn’t understand what Wil’s problem was. I got frustrated watching her botch her thing with Vivian. She’s going to need to come out to her mom anyway; what could be a better motivator than a super hot girlfriend? Many people have been led out of the closet by far less tempting carrots.

Dara: I’d hate to be Wil. Caught between a super hot girlfriend urging you to come out and a Chinese mom who is ultra-traditional and single-minded. I crack under pressure like an egg.

Karman: But back to our categories. Did Vivian ever work with any impressive weaponry?

Dara: Yeah, she had a killer arabesque.

Personal Style: 7.5
Wit(s): 7
Powers of Seduction: 6.5
How She Works a Tutu: 8.5
Weaponry Skills: 4

Total Score: 33.5

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