Dara and Karman’s Top 10 Hottest Femmes


8. Spencer (Gabrielle Christian) in South of Nowhere: The Doe-Eyed Innocent Femme

In The N’s hit show South of Nowhere, Gabrielle Christian stars as Spencer, a small-town girl who comes out of the closet and into her own power when she moves to Los Angeles. She falls in love with her bad-girl best friend, Ashley (Mandy Musgrave) and battles homophobia at home and at school. She does all of this while maintaining good grades, a loving relationship with her dad, and gorgeous blonde highlights.

Karman: Spencer is a sweetie, but she also gets points for standing up to her bitch of a MILF mother, Paula, and for practicing enough restraint to not kick her homophobic, pill-popping brother Glen’s ass.

She doesn’t show as much skin as her estranged girlfriend, Ashley, but she bats her lashes and gives you the doe-eyed, baby-blue gaze, and you forget about the fact that she doesn’t have a back tattoo or a tongue piercing. Her lack of edge is endearing. And kind of sexy.

Dara: Yeah, that doe-eyed, baby face is very deceiving. She’s no pushover.

Karman: The rumor is that this season, Spencer will get at least one new girlfriend, so we’ll see if the new girl can bring out her wild side.

Dara: Is her new girl toy’s name Faith, by any chance? Sorry, I still have Buffy on the brain. How would you describe Spencer’s style? She’s the kind of girl I would try to sit next to in study hall.

Karman: Her style is Forever 21 plus Pac Sun plus Schoolgirl Uniforms R Us.

Dara: Now I feel old. And dirty.


Personal Style: 7.5
Wit(s): 7.5
Powers of Seduction: 4.5
How She Works a Skirt: 9
Weaponry Skills: 5 (Do paintball guns count?)

Total Score: 33.5


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