Dara and Karman’s Top 10 Hottest Femmes


9.) Willow (Alyson Hannigan) in Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Sexy Nerd Femme

Willow Rosenberg proved you don’t have to be slick to be captivating. From the early days, when Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter) described Willow’s style as "the softer side of Sears," to anger management-challenged Evil Willow, the Slayer’s sidekick has always been spellbinding. Tara, arguably the only girl in Sunnydale even more awkward than Willow, fell in love at first sight — and who could blame her?

Good Willow

Evil Willow

Dara: I can’t decide which I like more: sweet Willow or sour Willow. There was something so endearing about her nerdiness. I wanted to carry her books for her.

Karman: I always thought Willow was sexy, but maybe that’s because I’m a nerd too.

Dara: When she turned evil after Tara died, my favorite line came when she was fighting Buffy: "Oh Buffy. You really need every square inch of your ass kicked." I love a femme with black boots and a crappy attitude.


Personal Style: 4
Wit(s): 9
Powers of Seduction: 5
How She Works a Skirt: 5
Weaponry Skills: 10

Total Score: 33 points

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