Dara and Karman’s Top 10 Hottest Femmes

1. Violet (Jennifer Tilly) in Bound: The Boom-Pow Femme

Bound was the first film written and directed by the Wachowski Brothers, who later went on to make the ground-breaking Matrix trilogy. Keen observers will see that almost everything cool about The Matrix was done first, and perhaps best, in Bound. This includes inventive camera angles, atmospheric lighting, Joe Pantoliano playing a sleazy villain, and a beautiful heroine with jet black hair and clothing who rescues her feminine Prince Charming from certain death.

While we loved watching Carrie-Anne Moss kick all kinds of virtual ass in her tight black leather motorcycle suit in The Matrix, she doesn’t hold a candle to Tilly’s über femme lesbian siren in Bound. Voluptuous, seductive, and blessed with nerves of steel, Violet exudes a ferocious, earthy sexiness that rivals the powers of any action heroine.

Dara: Violet is smart. She knows how to work a skirt and heels. She’s coy but not dumb. I wouldn’t mind being in Corky’s shoes, although I think Violet’s breathy, little-girl voice would get on my nerves after a few months.

Karman: Hmm, something tells me you’d find a way to work through that.

Violet’s resourceful, a master flirt, has the guts to take on the mob and to seduce a woman right under her boyfriend’s nose.

Dara: And she’s smarter than all the men around her, using her feminine wiles to her advantage. She knows her boyfriend’s boss, Mickey, has the hots for her, so she plays the helpless moll when she needs something from him.

Corky is not as smart as Violet. Violet’s a survivor who has her world by the ‘nads. And she certainly has Corky’s.

Karman: One of my favorite moments in the film — hell, it’s one of my favorite film scenes of all time — is the one in which Corky and Violet meet for the first time in the elevator.

Dara: Talk about giving someone the blatant once-over. And when Violet exits the elevator with Caesar, she sashays down the hall, knowing full well that Corky’s eyes are glued to her ass. That’s ass-confidence if I ever saw it.

Karman: You know it’s only a matter of time until the actual seduction happens, and when it does … well, it’s worth the wait.

I love that Corky is never quite sure if Violet’s just using her to get the money, or if she’s really in love with her. As they say in Blue Crush, Corky just has to "take the risk to feel the rush." But when the moment of truth finally arrives, Violet doesn’t double-cross her woman. Instead, she kills for her.

Dara: Cold cash, warm heart and not a shrinking Violet. Boom-Pow, it’s Jennifer Tilly.

Karman: Smart, beautiful, sexy and fully loaded. Violet is the ideal femme.

Personal Style: 10
Wit(s): 10
Powers of Seduction: 10
How She Works a Skirt: 10
Weaponry Skills: 10  

Total Score: 50

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