“Curl Girls” Recaps: Episode 4


Meanwhile, Jessica's pimping in style in her chocolate-brown three-piece suit, big, hairy 'stache and her hair pulled up into a men's hat.

Erin: I have, like, small-man syndrome.
Vanessa: Hey, all your size went to your penis, OK?

They help Vanessa teeter out to the car because she walks like a stork in stripper heels.

Oh, lay! — Melissa, Gingi and Michele sit at a table in El Cid, a Flamenco dinner theater, waiting for the others to arrive. As they chat, Melissa looks up and freezes with her jaw hanging open. Then she busts out laughing.

The others turn around just in time to see Vanessa coming toward them in her hoochy dress and a blond wig, carrying a cute little pink purse. Gingi laughs but then spies Jessica and squeals with delight.

Gingi: [laughing] Get the f— out!
Melissa: [whispering to Jessica] You look a little different …
Jessica: I grew a little hair.
Gingi: [looking approvingly at Jessica] Holy s—.
Jessica: My tits are also Ace-bandaged down.
Gingi: [fascinated] No way!

Gingi and the others listen as Jessica describes how it feels to be a man. And because she has no filter, Jessica motions to Melissa and tells the table she wants to put on a strap-on and "just f— the s— out of her, and just role-play."

Michele covers her face with her hand. All Erin can say is, "Wow."

Melissa looks like she's going to slide off her chair and under the table with embarrassment. Gingi can't take her eyes off Jessica and might slide off her chair for a different reason.

Their attention is redirected to the stage as the show begins. A woman introduces herself and the girls behind her as the Pin-Up Girls. Jessica blurts out, "Y'all need a man?"

As the Pin-Up Girls begin dirty dancing in fishnets and garters, Gingi continues to drool as she stares at her frienemy. Melissa thinks it's rude. I dunno. I love when other women check out my girlfriend, cuz ya know, it's a compliment for me.

All three dragsters end up getting dragged into the act. Erin and Jessica sit onstage with their knees spread wide as the dancing girls shimmy and rub all over them.

Gingi's eyes glisten with horn-doggie glee. Whatever hate-on Gingi had for Jessica turns into something else as she goes into a trance. Girls in menswear: a bisexual's two-fer-one.

Gingi: Jessica can definitely rock a suit, for sure. Those lips under that hat? Forget about it … it's good.

Who needs yoga and handguns? Nothing brings friends together like a good old-fashioned girlie show. And nothing flips Gingi's switch like a chick in a suit. Heh.

Next week on Curl Girls: The competition heats up when a trip to Hawaii is added to the stakes. Jessica bullies her way into Vanessa's lesbian fashion show. Gingi gets her groove on. Melissa has a meltdown.

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