“Curl Girls” Recaps: Episode 2


Stirring the pot — Gingi and Melissa are sitting together, away from the others. They start whispering while they watch Jessica toast a marshmallow from afar. Gingi starts off delicately.

Gingi: What’s your age difference?
Melissa: Seven years.
Gingi: Are you … are you willing to go the length?
Melissa: [Long pause. Frozen smile.] I’m not really sure.
Gingi: I see your hesitation and rightfully f—ing so.

Gingi: There are givers and there are takers on this world. And I definitely believe that you are a giver.
Melissa: She’s a huge giver in a lot of things.
Gingi: Abs — I … of course. I just … I just hope for your sake that she does that a lot sooner than later, because she will lose you. And it will be the worst thing, and she won’t realize [it] until you’re gone.
Melissa: Well, the good thing is that right about now, I don’t have to make a decision.

The boring voice of reason — Marshmallow fight! The girls are running around Michele’s back yard throwing marshmallows at each other. Melissa gets up and tackles Vanessa. Jessica grabs Melissa from behind and stuffs a handful in her mouth. Michele adds a seat cushion to her arsenal and slaps at Melissa and Jessica with it as they roll around on the ground. We lesbians age well because we never grow up.

Finally, Erin steps in and in her grown-up voice suggests it’s not good manners to leave sticky wads of sugar all over Michele’s lawn. Melissa complains she has marshmallow in her hair. I’m taking her word for it — it’s hard to tell from here ’cause it’s already so white.

The quivering voice of crazy — After marshmallow madness, everyone cleans up — everyone except Jessica and Melissa. While Vanessa and Gingi help Michele pick up stray plastic cups, plates and spent marshmallows, Jessica and Melissa disappear around to the front of the house, leaving the others to wonder, what now?

Michele thinks the minute Melissa moved on, Jessica suddenly found her attractive again. Gingi theorizes Melissa is the putty and Jessica is the hand because Jessica "looks the way that she does." Gingi probably knows something about that, looking the way she does.

Melissa is full of both swagger and hope because Jessica’s all she’s got. All the other L.A. lesbians are out auditioning for a new reality show called Lesbian Models in Outer Space.

Melissa: I know that Jess misses me. She didn’t even have to pull me aside for me to know that. And I know she still has very strong feelings for me and loves me.

In front of the house, the two kooky lovebirds sit down facing each other and hold hands. Jessica confesses it hasn’t been the same since they broke up. Melissa agrees; everything’s so different. Um, isn’t that the point of breaking up?

After what was probably two whole days of introspection, Jessica has decided she doesn’t like having to say, "Table for one, please." Tearfully, she confesses that she wants Melissa back in her life. Melissa’s eyes are bugging out of her head with fear and disbelief. Jessica leans in and lays a big, tonguey kiss on her. Yay?

Next week on Curl Girls — Vanessa loses her shirt. Jessica does what Jessica wants, which is everything but train. Gingi and Jessica have a throw-down while Melissa stares at the sidewalk looking for loose change.

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