“Curl Girls” Recaps: Episode 2


Conversating — During dinner, Gingi says randomly, "Sometimes, lesbians are worse than men." Worse how? About proper propane usage? About chewing with their mouths open, like Jessica is doing at the moment?

Jessica: Every straight woman in the closet would say something like that.
Vanessa: [knowingly] What if she’s bi?
Jessica: Don’t label yourself as a lesbian then.
Vanessa: Ohhh!
Gingi: Who ever labeled anybody as a lesbian?
Jessica: You did.

Jessica’s hunched over her plate, stuffing her face like a starving bear.

Gingi: I don’t think I did, because I would never say that.
Jessica: You actually did. All you conversated about was one woman and how much you loved being gay and this and that, and the next minute, you were talking about your ex-boyfriend.

I loves me some good conversating. How ’bout you?

Gingi: I have definitely been in love with women.
Jessica: More power to ya. [If] you’re bi, you’re bi. But don’t say you’re one thing and turn around and do the other, and sit here and pretend something that you’re not.

Gingi explains she’s fine being the one thing, then turning around and being the other, and later, sitting around pretending she has any idea what she just said. She’s attracted to someone’s energy, not their thingies.

Michele chimes in with an air of authority, "I’ve never heard you declare what you are," which settles it for me because she seems like a creditable witness. And besides, Jessica’s babbling.

Jessica cries out, "Don’t lie about it!"

The argument continues in a circular motion until Michele’s equally calm and reasonable girlfriend, Jenn, says simply: "But don’t you think sometimes you change your mind? Like, you think you’re in one position, then suddenly, your world opens up to something new?"

Oh God, stop making sense, you two.

Jessica: No, that’s understandable, but like I said, it’s also about how you portray yourself as a person. What do you sit here and flaunt yourself as? If someone does something because they want to sit here and say they’re gay …
Gingi: I don’t think that’s valid …
Jessica: [interrupting] I think I’m talking right now. I’ll be done in just a second.

Talk to the hand, girl. Gingi laughs and the others sit in silence, warily eyeing Jessica. Melissa hasn’t uttered a peep because she’s cowering behind the potato salad hoping no one noticed her.

Erin tries to smooth things over by saying she hopes everyone is adult enough not say they’re gay just to be cool — isn’t that right, Gingi? Michele says, "I never would have picked you, had I known," but she’s being sarcastic. I think. Everyone chuckles except Jessica, who looks like she ate some bad mayo.

Gingi theorizes Jessica doesn’t have a problem with all bisexuals, just the ones named Gingi. Jessica does seem to have a stick up her butt about her. Perhaps it’s actually a crush, or as Karman calls it, "gingivitis." Uh huh.

Michele and Erin want to talk about the competition. Oh yeah. Surfing. The competition. Right. I forgot why we were here.

They tell everyone about their meeting with Rebecca, the Surfrider Foundation and how their friendly little contest is now a fundraiser. Melissa ups the ante and suggests they run out and get sponsorship too. Everyone loves the idea and comes together, if only for a few brief moments of camaraderie. Nothing brings lesbians together like a cause, which sadly is not to raise money to buy Jessica a dictionary.

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