“Curl Girls” Recaps: Episode 2

Gingi’s worried about how the other girls will take the news later that night, now that she’s outed herself. Vanessa’s blasé about it — if they don’t like it, who cares? Gingi says she’s willing to engage in whatever dialogue might be needed. Bisexual consciousness raising over weenies and beer. Oh goodie.

Team practice — Michele schedules a practice session with teammates Melissa and Gingi. At least someone is taking the competition seriously. As Michele outlines her strategy for surfing success, short-attention-span Melissa is looking around the beach. She spies Jessica coming their way. What’s she doing here?

And there’s Erin now, too. Huh. Seems the other team picked the same beach for their practice. What are the odds! How crazy is that? It’s almost like the producers someone planned it that way. Spooky.

Oh my nose! — Erin catches up to Jessica as they walk toward the beach. Erin has her surfboard with her, but Jessica is curiously board-free. Jessica says her face is swollen from her collision with Michele last week, and her doctor advised her not to surf today.

Erin: It’s our first team practice and I find out that Jessica has a "wound." It’s like a tiny little thing on her lip. Suck it up!

Maybe when Jessica said "doctor" she meant "mommy."

Michele and Melissa are shouting instructions to Gingi over the roar of the surf. "All right, Gingi, get on your board! Get on it! All right! Now, have the nose sticking up! Now paddle! Paddle!"

Gingi tries to do all those things, but her board slips out from under her like Anne Heche the last time she was in Ellen’s bed. Gingi’s not really a curl girl, is she? She’s the show’s eye candy with a chewy bi-drama center.

Melissa says it doesn’t matter if Gingi can’t surf as long as they beat Erin, Vanessa and Jessica. Since Gingi and Jessica are both the beginners, Melissa sounds like she wants Gingi to kick her girlfriend’s ass. And she wouldn’t be the only one.

While Team Michele works together and strengthens its esprit de corps, Erin and Vanessa eye Jessica with annoyance. She isn’t practicing, but she needs it more than anyone. Pouty-lipped Jessica brushes some sand off her delicate hands and suns herself while she watches the others in the water.

Out on their boards, Erin and Vanessa sit with their backs to Jessica and complain.

Erin: So, it sucks that Jessica didn’t surf with us today.
Vanessa: Totally blows, yeah.
Erin: She, like, needs the most practice out of all us, though.
Vanessa: Yeah.

Erin thinks that even if Jessica has a doctor’s note, she can still do something to train: jog along the beach, do push-ups, maybe carry Erin’s board. Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

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