Counting down the seven evilest lesbian and bisexual exes


Catherine Tramell, Basic Instinct

Former Lover: Roxy (deceased), Johnny Boz (deceased)
Superpower Strength: Ability to cross and uncross legs; she is Sharon Stone.
Evil Deeds: Possible homicidal maniac.
To Defeat: Hide all the ice picks in the house.

Mrs. Danvers, Rebecca

Former Lover: Rebecca, the first Mrs. de Winter (not really a lover, but come on)
Superpower Strength: Ability to torment the second Mrs. de Winter about not being as good as the first Mrs. de Winter
Evil Deeds: Obsession, arson, attempted murder, incredible creepiness.
To Defeat: Burn, baby, burn.

So there you have it, a truly appalling collection of ex-girlfriends who would make anyone glad to be single. There are, of course, countless more. Tell us who else should make the list, and would pulverize poor Mr. Pilgrim.

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