Counting down the seven evilest lesbian and bisexual exes



Kitty Butler, Tipping the Velvet

Former Lover: Nan Astley
Superpower Strength: Ability to look fantastic in a tux; throws roses like a pro.
Evil Deeds: Sleeps with her manager, breaks Nan’s heart, wants her back after she is already married; general mindf—ery.
To Defeat: Find a nice girl and give her a rose instead.

Tori, Lost & Delirious

Former Lover: Paulie
Superpower Strength: Ability to spend the entire day in bed — naked.
Evil Deeds: Breaking up so her parents won’t know she is gay, having sex with a boy against a tree, driving Paulie to suicide and/or become a falcon.
To Defeat: Show her your backbone, because she doesn’t have one.

Darcy Parker, Strangers in Paradise

Former Lover: Katchoo
Superpower Strength: Ability to seduce, charm and have billions of dollars.
Evil Deeds: Basically Satan in a skirt.
To Defeat: Use, ironically, her bodyguard.

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