“Coronation Street” recap: Wallowing Around in Sin


The girls hop off the bus after their turn around the shops and Sophie waxes lyrical about how good Sian looks in the dress she bought, and how it’s not impractical in the least to own an evening gown to wear around Weatherfield. Sian giggles, “When are you inviting me to the Oscars then, baby?” And Sophie says, “All right, then, I’ll invite you to the Webster’s!”

Sophie breaks out some cider and Sian goes, “The teenage alcoholism storyline is played; please don’t.” But she kisses Sophie on the cheek anyway, agrees that she deserves a break, and says sweetly, “Didn’t you just invite me somewhere?”

In Sophie’s room, Sian tries on her new awards show dress and Sophie kisses her neck. Sian shrinks away a little and Sophie’s like, “Cripes. I knew I was pushing you.” Sian assures Sophie that she’s not pushing; she just doesn’t want to end up on Sally’s homicide list. The way Sophie is looking at Sian, it’s like — you know how when cartoon characters get hungry they sometimes see other cartoon characters changing into giant cartoon hams? It’s like that, only Sophie sees Sian as a giant pair of new cartoon shoes. And oh, she wants to wear them around.

Sophie plops down on the bed beside Sian and says, “We have ages.” And then she makes this face:

Sian responds in kind:

And the shoes are on!

Sally comes home early, with Tyrone in tow. He’s banging on about how the cod isn’t as big as it used to be their fish and chips place, and Sally’s brain whirls and sputters and she’s like, “Boiling Kevin alive in a vat of oil. I hadn’t thought of that one.” She skips up the stairs to tell Sophie and Sian the good news, that the massacre is still on. When she opens the door she finds them naked under the covers locked in a snog so mad they don’t even hear her eyes pop out of their sockets.

Sally pulls the same face she always does when Baby Jack has the audacity to breathe air.

And Sophie and Sian pull the face of teenagers everywhere who get caught trying on shoes.

Sophie literally says, “We’ve just … been getting ready; we’ve been trying on clothes we just bought.”

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