“Coronation Street” recap: The Lost Sheep

Sophie climbs up to the roof to ask God herself, and seriously, even if you’ve never watched Corrie before, find this scene and watch it. It’ll break your heart in half. She stands on the ledge and shouts that God promised to protect his flock. “But I’m not part of his flock anymore! I’m a lost sheep!” The pastor finally coaxes her down, and just as she’s almost safely in his arms, she slips and falls off the ledge and lands on a parked car.

At the hospital, Kevin and Sally have stopped acting like children long enough to take care of their own child. JUST KIDDING! THEY’RE STILL THE WORST! They stomp around and argue about whose fault it is that Sophie fell off a church roof, and Rosie shivers in a corner, and finally Sian bursts onto the scene holding her broken heart in her hands and begging someone to tell her Sophie is OK. When Sian sees Sophie, she stops breathing. When she’s finally allowed in to visit her, Sian breaks down and tells Sophie how sorry she is, and makes her promise to never leave her. My heart really can’t handle much more, if you want to know the truth, so when Kevin calls Sian away and she kisses Sophie on the lips and then lingers on her forehead, I’m pretty much wrecked.

I’ll have Sophie’s homecoming for you later in the week; I’m having a little trouble getting the episodes downloaded. Until then, what did you think about Sophie’s fall from grace?

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