“Coronation Street” recap: The Lost Sheep

Sian stops by the corner shop the next day to tell Sophie she’ll still stay at hers some nights, but Sophie’s not really sure where, exactly, that’s going to be since Kevin — Father of the Decade over here — has already sold their flat so he can buy Baby Jack some solid gold bottles and things. Cashmere nappies. Diamond-studded pacifiers. Sophie gets that look in her eye, you know the one, the Solid Sophie Scheme one, and decides she and Sian should get a flat together. Sian’s like, “Maybe if you hadn’t skipped a whole year of maths, you’d know how to add my zero dollars of wages to your pittance of wages, the sum total of which is: remember that time we were homeless?” Sian has to get to college and as soon as she’s out the door, Sophie hops on over to her Facebook profile where she’s posted a whole album of photos of herself and some girl named Chloe from holiday. Sophie confronts her about it later, and Sian’s like, “Not a thing, Soph.” And Sophie’s like, “Whatever. Pass the cider.”

The next day she’s still as angry as fire, and Sian just snaps. Yes, she made a new friend on holiday. Yes, she wants to move back in with her mum for a while. And who can blame her? Living at the Webster’s is like living in one of those post-apocalyptic war zones with the zombies, and the only thing that made it tolerable was Sophie, but now she’s chucking her whole future away in a fit of Sally proportions, and Sian can’t take it anymore. This is entirely the wrong time to mention it, but Sian in a hoodie and a messy ponytail is my favorite Sian. She stomps out of the shop and Sophie follows her, and they break up or play at breaking up, but Sian is gone in a flash and Sophie pulls, like, a two-liter bottle of cider out of her pocket.

Sunita finds her on the corner, just trolleyed, and she tries to take her home. When she won’t comply, Sunita finds Kevin and explains the situation, and he’s like, “In case you’ve forgotten, I have an illegitimate baby to look after.” And so Sophie is left to her own drunken devices, and those devices lead her to her old church. She watches the choir from outside for a while, singing the entire soundtrack to Sister Act 2, and then she stumbles inside for a chat with the pastor.

This whole fallen lamb storyline got more publicity than I could even keep up with, and this scene before the roof was worth every bit of it. I don’t know what kind of soap awards you guys have in the UK, but if Brooke Vincent doesn’t win one, there’s no justice in this world!

The pastor sends the choir home and asks Sophie what’s happened. She breaks down like she’s never broken down before, telling him that he was right all along, that God hates her because she’s gay. The pastor says that God doesn’t hate anyone, and Sophie can barely choke out the next bit: That her life is falling to pieces. She’s lost her family, her home, her girlfriend, her future, and the only thing she can think is that God is punishing her because she acted on her “unnatural desires.” The pastor tries to explain that God forgives us of our human frailties, but the thing he should really be saying — and the place I hope he gets before it’s all said and done — is that being gay isn’t wrong at all. There are gay Christians documented all the way back to the 14th century, and it is nothing more than church politics and prejudice that have caused their persecution all these years.

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