“Coronation Street” recap: Muggles and O.W.L.S.

Sian leans in and kisses Sophie, and I just — I cannot believe this is happening so sweetly on the kind of TV show people watch with their parents. It’s amazing. And perfect. Perfectly amazing.

Muggle Claire comes home to find the two girls kissing and makes all manner of shocked faces. And here I go again: This is a good storytelling device because the writers have already set it up so the audience is rooting for Sophie and Sian. And so when someone discovers their secret, we go, "Oh no! Don’t ruin their relationship!" Which makes us root for Sophie and Sian even more. Because they are now under pressure, together, from the outside. We see the story from Sophie and Sian’s eyes, instead of Muggle Claire’s eyes, and so automatically we believe they are the good guys and if Muggle Claire reacts with anything other than acceptance, she is the bad guy. Well, not bad. That’s overly-simplistic. You know what I mean: These lesbian teenagers have been written in a way that puts everyone in the audience on their team.

Also, I’m sorry, but, you guys, Sian is a good kisser.

Muggle Claire sneaks out and stomps back in and slams the door and shouts out their names and, like, invents new ways to be awkward. Sophie’s like, "Hey, can you not tell my mum Sian was here?" And Claire just gapes and sweats some more. Outside Sophie and Sian try to deconstruct the mystery of Muggle Claire’s whole "I hope you weren’t bored" thing. Sophie’s like, "F-ck it; I’ll walk you to the bus stop."

Remember that kid that fell off the couch earlier? I bet you fifty-eleven gazillion dollars he’s going to get a Soap Tumor and Sophie is going to get blamed. Until then, I remain … smitten, actually. Yeah. Smitten. Sophie and Sian, you got me!

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