“Coronation Street” recap: Little Lezzer Love

Ryan gets some help and they rush to the hospital and Sian has her appendix removed. Sophie’s dad comes to prom to tell her that Sian’s at the hospital, to stay and have a good time, and she can visit her later. Sophie flips the f-ck out about how she will not being drinking punch and feeling the beat of the rhythm of the night when her BEST FRIEND is in the hospital, so take her to her BEST FRIEND. TAKE HER TO SIAN RIGHT NOW.

The same thing happened to me in high school, if you want to know the truth. My BEST FRIEND got walloped in the head during a basketball game and had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. When the whistle sounded for the game to start back up, I marched over to the girl who had walloped my BEST FRIEND and I punched that girl RIGHT IN THE FACE. I got thrown out of the game and in the locker room afterward my coach was all, "You have got to learn to control your lesbianism!" My dad drove me to the emergency room to see my BEST FRIEND and I’m pretty sure that’s when he unlocked the mystery of my raging gaymo-ness. (It only took me a decade longer to figure it out.)

At the hospital, Ryan says that he is Sian’s boyfriend and that he doesn’t want to brag, but he is also the hero who saved her life. His reward is that he gets to go in and see her first after surgery. When Sophie finally gets to visit, she seriously considers picking a fight about Ryan, but Sian falls asleep and Sophie says, "I love you" before kissing her quickly and gently on the lips.

Oh, my little heart! I love you too, Sophian! I’ll see you both tomorrow!

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