“Coronation Street” recap: Little Lezzer Love


Sophie orders Sian’s favorite pizza and is deeply offended on some kind of personal level when Sian doesn’t eat it. Sian says she’s doesn’t feel well and Sophie literally goes, "Whatever." Like, "Whatever, obviously your refusal to eat the pizza I specifically ordered for your specific taste buds means that you aren’t serious about me — as a grrrlfriend!" Sian only confirms Sophie’s fears when she says that if the PARALYZING PAIN in her abdomen doesn’t go away by tomorrow, she’s not going to prom. Sophie thinks she’s faking the PARALYZING PAIN, which, by the way, I totally support. Prom is the worst thing. And on TV someone always gets bludgeoned at prom anyway. It’s a lose-lose situation.

The next day, Sophie is over her angst. She and Sian walk to the bus stop together and agree to meet up at prom. Sophie says Sian will be the prettiest girl at the whole dance and then boards the bus and runs to the back to wave at her from the window. (No, you hang up!)

Ryan rounds the corner and somehow convinces Sophie to go to prom with him. Or show up at the same time as him, which is lesbian code for going as his date? I don’t know. Doesn’t matter. Because the feelings bench is about to get some feelings like it has never felt before.


Guys. I think that PARALYZING PAIN in Sian’s abdomen might be a real thing.

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