“Coronation Street” recap: Kiss and Tell


Sian follows Sophie into some kind of cage(?), where Sophie has a tantrum about how Ryan just wants to get in Sian’s pants. Sian is super duper cute and says that Sophie is the one she loves and then they kiss, for real. It’s very sweet. Like, I had to get out my Skins DVDs just to verify that Naomi is a better kisser than Sian. (She is.)

Anyway, you’ll be as shocked as I was to hear Ryan shout, "Sian, what are you DOING?" Sian and Sophie jump away from each other and, awesomely, Sian goes, "Er, nothing!"

Poor Sian. The girl just got out of the hospital and now she’s got to chase Ryan back to his flat to calm him down. And this is something Corrie really gets right: The reaction of the of the scorned ex-boyfriend. Ryan is furious, which totally validates Sophie and Sian’s relationship. It’s not some kind of one-off, not some ratings ploy, not an opportunity to make a porn-y joke. It’s a real relationship with real feelings and a real physical expression of those feelings. Ryan’s reaction really gives weight to the story. And I like that. I like that a lot. He slings around the word "dyke" and asks Sian if she’s a lesbian.

Sian says "lesbian" is a big word — and she’s right, and probably this a discussion for another time: sexual fluidity and the political/cultural ramifications of labeling your sexuality. But this is a really beautiful thing here. And it’s important. The audience this show reaches, the tenderness with which the writers have handled every aspect of Sophie and Sian’s story. Sian confesses that she’s confused about a lot of things, but what she knows is that she’s in love with Sophie: "You don’t just say to God, ‘Oh, can I please be like this because I’m fed up with blokes and I don’t ever want kids. It’s something inside you!’"

Sian returns to Sophie and says they should pray that Ryan will keep their secret. Sophie says they could diffuse the whole thing by just telling people, but Sian says she’s not ready for the name-calling. And so they decide to wait and see what happens.

And what happens is I’ll be back tomorrow with more Sophian!

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