“Coronation Street” recap: Coming Home


It’s not all bad at the hospital, though. Sian takes some time to read the tabloids out loud to Sophie, and she promises Sophie that she loves her, and even asks if she can move back in to take care of her.

Sophie and Sian’s pastor visits, too. And the first thing he says is that God loves Sophie. It gets right to the heart of the thing, and when he says God saved her to give her a second chance, you can tell he’s not talking about the gay thing. He’s talking about the cider and the skipping college and fury at the whole entire world. He invites her and Sian back to choir, just as they are, because how they are is how God made them.

The hospital in Weatherfield is a miracle machine. Sophie fell off of a building and she’s ready to go home the next day. And remember that time Sian’s appendix ruptured and they removed it at lunch and sent her home in time for tea? Like Madam Pomfrey’s the chief of staff over there. Anyway, at home, Sally fusses over Sophie and says she can take off time from work or stop shagging Rosie’s agent or whatever Sophie needs to feel better. What Sophie needs to feel better is some alone time with Sian, so they send Sally off to her job and then out for drinks repeatedly with Jeff so they can have the place to themselves.

On her second night back home, Sian makes them some dinner and tells Sophie she feels like she has her back. Not just from the hospital, but back to being her Sophie, the one who wasn’t a binge-drinking, college-skipping jealous lunatic whose only ambition was to see how many days she could go without showering. Sophie says she found her way home, and that she’s pretty sure God performed a miracle to save her.

Sian smiles indulgently at her ’cause that’s her Sophie for sure, with her big heart and her big faith and her look that says she can conquer anything — even gravity — as long as they fight together.

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