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Lauren DillardLaurenDillard

Home: Brooklyn


Lauren Dillard (can I call her LD like LC in Laguna Beach: The Real OC?) is the blonde half of CREEP and, incredibly, not on the internet. As a member of the duo, I suspect she is also very excited for their debut album echoes. CREEP’s been active in Brooklyn for several years now, so fans are doubtlessly freaking out about the biggest thing to happen to them since Sia.

Will echoes launch CREEP to superstardom? Will CREEP send me echoes and maybe some tickets to thank me for this lovely piece? I don’t know. I do know that this VICE Slutever episode featuring Lauren Dillard giving the VICE slut hostess (I don’t know what to call that woman) a lesbian makeover is hilarious and taught me more about Lauren Dillard’s personality than Wikipedia. (There is no Wikipedia entry for Lauren Dillard.)

GoodBoy & Bounce House Bounce n Good

Home: L.A.

Sign: Good Boy, the reluctant Pisces, and Bounce House, the passionate Cancer, are an astrology match made in digital heaven.

This ones a two-fer. DJs GoodBoy and Bounce House embody West Hollywood’s boisterous gay culture. If you go out in WeHo (we call it WeHo), you’ve probably heard the riotous duo mix house, trap, mash-ups and classic throwbacks with infectious energy and (it must be said) fabulous lesbian hair cuts.

Since combining forces, DJs GoodBoy and Bounce House have been cherry-picked by Hollywood promoters to play parties, raves, and club nights across Southern California. “Our musical goal is to bring people together of all races, genders and  sexualities,” Morgan (aka DJ Goodboy) told me with a sunny smile and flip of her signature blonde ‘fro. “We have big plans to incorporate visuals, light shows, and new instruments, for musical experience that will leave you sweaty and satisfied. And who doesn’t enjoy some sweaty satisfaction?”

Samantha Ronson

Seen Around Lincoln Center - Day 5 - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014

Home: Venice Beach

Sign: Leo

It’s been a couple years since shit went down with Lilo and SamRon’s been keeping a low profile. Her website hasn’t been updated since May of 2012. While Samantha seems to have lost interest in performing, she’s still active in the studio. As of press time, her last tweet hinted at a “fun studio session” with Madison BeerJustin Bieber’s 14-year-old tween pop protegé. Fun!

All teasing aside, Samantha Ronson is a hottie who inspired hundreds of lesbians to be DJs.

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