Morning Brew – Tuesday, Jan. 31: “Upstairs/Downstairs” brings in a lesbian, gay old Hollywood tell-all includes Hepburn, Leigh


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Do you love Girl/Girl Scene like I do? You’ll be glad to hear that Tucky Williams gave me a few updates on Season 2, which is already in production. Not only will episodes be coming out “quickly and regularly” next time around, but they’ve also brought Abisha Uhl (Sick of Sarah) on as a full-time cast member. They won’t start filming until March, so here’s an interview with Katie Stewart (Maxine) to tide you over.


British show Upstairs, Downstairs is bringing in Emilia Fox to play a past secret lover of Blanche’s (Alex Kingston). The show’s writer, Heidi Thomas told The Mirror:

These are two brilliant, intellectual women who have a deeply romantic friendship in the tradition of the great Edwardian romantics, which gives each of them endless stimulation and satisfaction. It causes a bit of a stir when it all comes out, but Blanche finds support and sympathy from an unlikely quarter.

Emilia Fox

This sounds like the kind of heartbreaking s–t I like, like Portrait of a Marriage type stuff. It’s so good until it sucks that they can’t be together!

Essence‘ s February issue has a whole spread all about real life couples in love, including a lesbian pair. GLAAD has an excerpt from the mag, which details how Audrey Smaltz and Gail Marquis met and fell for one another. From Essence:

Gail simply says they are best friends: “We love each other’s company.” The couple agree that they haven’t had a lot of hurdles to overcome, mainly because, Audrey says, she did not care what anybody thought. “Some friends said it’s a fling; it won’t last,” she recalls. “But I didn’t care. I’ve always told people that I am not a lesbian, I am in love with Gail, but you can put a title on it if you want.” The only person Audrey sought for a blessing? Her pastor. “I kept trying to get an appointment. It took me five months,” she says. Her pastor had only one question: “Does she know God?” he asked. “That’s all that matters.”

Scotty Bowers has penned a book that will out old Hollywood stars and starlets. Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars will detail the secret lesbian relationships had by those like Katharine Hepburn and Vivien Leigh. Does it make me a bad person to want to read it?

Our own Ali Davis helped write (and appears in!) this informative little video:


WetPaint wants more Brittana. Join the club!

Rainbow Noise has a new video for “The Motto (HOMO).” Why wasn’t I invited to this party?



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