Morning Brew – Monday, Jan. 30: Kelly Clarkson LOLs at lesbian rumors, gays still have a lot of feelings about Cynthia Nixon


Good morning, Brewbies! Welcome to Monday! Over the weekend I took advantage of NBC’s promo push for Smash. They’re offering up the pilot for free on iTunes and Hulu, and whoo boy, is it a fantastic hour of TV. Trish Bendix loved it when she screened it at TCA’s Winter Press Tour. I loved it when I screened it in my living room on Friday. People keep saying it’s Glee for grown-ups, but that’s selling it short by a million miles. If you’re a fan of musical theater, or awesome drama, or New York City, or gay things, you should really check it out.


For real, man: That’s the full episode! Watch it so we can talk about it!

Kelly Clarkson thinks those lesbian rumors are pretty darn hilarious. Or, well, that’s what she “told” British tabloid The Daily Mirror:

“I don’t think it’s harmful at all,” she laughs, “but I just don’t know why people think I am [a lesbian]. I never kiss women. I find it funny. Also I’m such a vocal person, I’ve never hidden much. So I don’t understand why they don’t take me on my word. I find that a little bit annoying. But if people think I’m gay, I don’t really care.”

I say “told” because I never know whether or not The Mirror is telling the truth or conjuring quotes out of thin air.

HBO has released a graphic teaser trailer for season five of True Blood.


Does that mean our beloved gay lady Tara is not dead? Or is it just referencing Russell’s resurrection at the end of season four? Guess we’ll have to wait until summer to find out.

Remember last week when Cynthia Nixon talked about her own personal gayness being her own personal choice that no one else gets to define for her? Of course you do! Amidst the cheers and jeers there was lots of interesting discussion. On Saturday, The New York Times published one of my favorite articles to come out of the kerfuffle:

Our laws safeguard religious freedom, and that’s not because there’s a Presbyterian,Buddhist or Mormon gene. There’s only a tradition and theology that you elect or decline to follow. But this country has deemed worshiping in a way that feels consonant with who you are to be essential to a person’s humanity. So it’s protected.

Our laws also safeguard the right to bear arms: not exactly a biological imperative.

Among adults, the right to love whom you’re moved to love — and to express it through sex and maybe, yes, marriage — is surely as vital to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as a Glock. And it’s a lot less likely to cause injury, if that’s a deciding factor: how a person’s actions affect the community around him or her.

The whole article is worth a read if listening/thinking is something you’re more interested in than punching/shouting.

The star-packed porn biopic Lovelace had a shakeup over the weekend when Demi Moore backed out of the project to deal with her personal life. But never fear, Sarah Jessica Parker was happy to replace Moore, hopping right into the role of Gloria Steinem. And who better to play a feminist icon than the woman whose character once uttered the words, “Balls are to men what purses are to women.” (Do you ever miss Carrie Bradshaw’s ludicrous late-night ponderings? Yeah, you’re right. I also only miss Samantha.)

Remember when you woke up this morning and you were like, “Man, I really wish I could kick off my week with a music video featuring Ron Swanson and Tammy 2 singing about Creationism”? Well, College Humor has granted your wish! Parks and Recreation‘s Nick Offerman and his real-life wife Megan Mullaly want to talk to you about Darwin being a douche and evolution being a sin.

Pretty Little Liars is all new tonight and would you get a load of this:

Emily and Maya are about to have a fisticuffs with a robot space ninja ghost wizard from the future — or they’re going to do some serious making out. Maybe both!

I hope your day is as beautiful/gay as Spencer Hastings, friends.

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