Morning Brew – Friday, January 20: Jane Lynch to interview Amy Poehler, a lesbian kiss on the Danish version of “The Voice”


I’m so happy it is Friday! Are you?

On last night’s Danish version of The Voice, two female contestants duetted on “I Kissed a Girl” and shared an actual kiss. Christina Ross and Rosa Skotte said they are straight, but Rosa told judges she has kissed girls before. (Thanks for the tip, CardinalX!)

Out personality Simon Doonan has written a book called Gay Men Don’t Get Fat. In this interview with Slate, he explains why he refers to some foods as “lesbian,” and it’s actually because he finds the word (and lesbians in general) to be “wholesome” and pretty much good for you.

The British TV show Shipwrecked has a lesbian contestant named Ashlie Robinson this season. (It sounds kind of like Survivor.) She said of coming out to her competitors on the show:

I had the option of keeping my sexuality on Shipwrecked a secret, but said “no” in an instant. I am not defined by my sexuality, but it is still a part of me. I also think it’s important that people understand that not all lesbians look and act in the same way, or in the way people often label us. Whenever I am on the gay scene – wherever in the UK I might be – there is a beautiful diversity. There are LGBT people who represent every background, idea and image possible, and all of their combinations. This is definitely not represented in the media and, if my being on Shipwrecked helped it a little, then that’s great.

In a bizarre kind of move, Fox News has hired out lesbian Sally Kohn as a contributor. I’m glad to have someone on our team there, but I can’t help but think “What’s the catch?”

Aussie radio host Jackie O said she doesn’t like her full name, Jacqueline Ellen Marie Henderson, because “Ellen” sounds “lesbianish.” I’m sure people hear her middle name and think she’s gay automatically. How could her mother do this to her!?

Michelle Rodriguez talked with Collider about her new role in Resident Evil: Retribution, in which she plays both her feminine and masculine sides.

Well, basically [director] Paul [W.S. Anderson] ’s original idea was that a UPS worker would be one of the clones and then we got together and we started to brainstorm and we came up with this juxtaposition of me playing a tomboy all the time and he said, “wouldn’t it be nice to see you feminine, Michelle?” And I was like, “yes, that would be nice before it all wrinkles up and I can’t use it anymore.” So I figured I’d might as well do it. I threw on some high heels, added a nice little “hippy twist” to the whole thing and before you know it, I’m driving a Prius in Zombieland. It was pretty cool.

Some woman named Layla Flaherty stars on a UK show named Deseperate Scousewives and was posing with some “friends” by kissing them and acting a fool. Just thought I’d share. It’s Friday.

Jane Lynch will be interviewing Amy Poehler as part of the Live Talks Los Angeles discussion series. It all goes down Feb. 12 and Jane said she’s psyched.

I’m thrilled to interview Amy Poehler at Live Talks Los Angeles. Adam Scott interviewed me at Live Talks when my memoir [Happy Accidents] came out [last year], and I felt he had too much fun, so I asked to interview someone, and they lined up Amy Poehler. We’re going to have fun.

Get your tickets and make me jealous!

Wanda Sykes was on The Jay Leno Show last night. Here’s part one of her appearance, where she discusses Newt Gingrich‘s “open marriage.”

Today in Lesbianish TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Fried Green Tomatoes (WMAX 10:10 a.m.), Tabatha Takes Over marathon (Bravo 12 p.m.), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), Grey’s Anatomy (Lifetime 2 p.m.), The Rosie Show (OWN 7 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.), Portlandia (IFC 10 p.m.) (Thanks Roni!)

*Denotes a rerun

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