Afternoon Delight: Meryl Streep can’t keep track of her women, Dolly Parton raps with Queen Latifah


Good afternoon and happy Friday the 13th! (Where is Stacie Ponder when I need her?)

Happy birthday to The New Adventures of Old Christine’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes!

Iron Lady Meryl Streep admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that she doesn’t remember how many women she has kissed. Just one more reason to love Meryl Streep.

Want more of Queen Latifah? Then check her out on the cover of More magazine.

Speaking of the Queen, she teamed up with her Joyful Noise costar Dolly Parton for an awkward and awesome performance on The Today Show. Joyful Noise hits theaters in the U.S. today.


Tina Fey announced that she hates her own TV show. But since I love 30 Rock, Fey’s hate and my love cancel each other out.


And while watching last night’s 30 Rock Season 6 premiere I did a spit take when Fey’s Liz Lemon joined the WNBA New York Liberty’s Dance Team.

Attention lesbians! Home Depot is hiring 70,000 new employees! (My friend Chris is going to be super excited about this news.)

Songstress Christina “Xtina” Aguilera is Marie Claire’s February covergirl!

While The RunawaysDakota Fanning graces the cover of Cosmopolitan. (I know it’s wrong, but I am really intrigued by the article entitled “Um, vagina, are you OK down there?” What’s wrong with your vagina?) Does anyone else think Fanning’s face looks overly Photoshopped? (Dear Excessive Photoshopper, leave Dakota’s face alone. It is already perfect! Love, Bridget.)

Tonight Tilda Swinton will appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno while Kristen Bell heads over to the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Lesbian/Bi Photo of the Day!

Out artist Jessie J smized and showed off some skin at the 2012 Brit Awards nominations in London. J is quite a looker!

Have a happy and safe weekend!

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