Morning Brew – Thursday, January 12: “30 Rock” to joke about Tracy Morgan’s gay controversy, Ellen is the People’s Choice


Good morning, Brewbies!

Last night, lots of favorites snagged People’s Choice Awards. Ellen DeGeneres took home the trophy for Favorite Daytime TV Host, Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way won Album of the Year. Pretty Little Liars was voted Favorite Cable TV Drama. Lea Michelle was the People’s Choice for Favorite TV Comedy Actor. Bridesmaids was everyone’s Favorite Comedy Movie. And King of the Gays, Neil Patrick Harris, was the Favorite TV Comedy Actor.

Speaking of Ellen, Pixar has released the trailer for Finding Nemo 3D, which will land in theaters (again) on September 14th.


30 Rock will finally return to NBC’s lineup tonight and the question on the minds of gay people everywhere is: Do I love Tina Fey enough to overshadow the anger I still feel at Tracy Morgan? After his homophobic tirade and nationwide tour of penance over the summer, Morgan returned to 30 Rock, a show that has used his public shenanigans as comedy fodder plenty of times in the past. And this time is no different. According to Vulture:

Tina Fey has incorporated the controversy into 30 Rock‘s new season, in an episode where Morgan’s character Tracy Jordan also makes anti-gay comments. Explained openly gay newsman Thomas Roberts, who filmed a cameo for the episode: “Liz Lemon writes Tracy’s apology on the show and says he’s not a homophobe, he’s an idiot. That offends idiots, so while NBC is being picketed by the LBGT community, now it’s also being picketed by idiots led by Denise Richards.”

I love Tina Fey. I have all kinds of faith in her as a writer and a gay ally. But man, that seems dangerous.

Earlier this week Rosie O’Donnell attended the National Board Of Review gala where she was a presenter for the NBR Freedom of Expression Award. Before handing over the trophy to Crime After Crime, she apparently decided to showcase her freedom of expression by heckling a whole host of NBR nominees. According to IndieWire it went a little something like this:

I’m happy to hear that Lars von Trier is not here today. He’s from Denmark. F–k it, I don’t know where that country is, I’ll never look for him, or Woody Allen. Pedophile? Who’s to say? […] “If I had the choice between giving birth to a flaming child on the floor of an igloo, or watching [Melancholia] again, I would choose the birth of my child.”

Neither Rosie nor her PR team have weighed in on the event, but some attendees have jumped in over at IW to say that it was all very hilarious and tongue-in-cheek. Of course, plenty of other commenters have turned it into a homophobic insult fest, so click through with caution.

Comic book legend Gail Simone chatted with The Advocate recently about taking over Batgirl for the New 52. Of course they asked her about a potential partnership between Batgirl and Batwoman, and oh, I loved her answer.

Can we expect to see a Batgirl and lesbian superhero Batwoman team up in the near future?

Pretty sure that’s the plan. Batwoman drinks well, and Batgirl’s just turned 21. I see a lusty pub crawl in the offing.

Here’s another little comic book tidbit: Like nearly every other person on the planet, I was outraged over DC’s Voodoo relaunch. She’s the only woman of color with a solo title, the only bisexual woman in the DCnU, and the first few issues of her book were nothing but queasy-making levels of objectification. (She spent 16 of the first issue’s 20 pages stripping.) It’s gotten marginally better over the last few months, but opposition to the way she’s been portrayed has been so strong that DC has decided to bring in a new writer starting with issue #6. They’ve promised the book is heading in a “new direction,” so hopefully that means Voodoo will be another queer comic worth reading in the near future.

I’ll post a full review of Batwoman #5, which hit shelves yesterday, later this afternoon.

Today’s les/bi TV on Tap: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (check local listings), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), The Rosie Show (OWN 7 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m., midnight, 4 a.m.), Grey’s Anatomy “This Magic Moment” (ABC 9 p.m.), Rosie O on Watch What Happens: Live (Bravo 11 p.m.)

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