Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Seeker Lover Keeper, Kali Mutsa and more!


It’s Wednesday, the sky is blue and yesterday I found my mom’s Twitter account, which is still making me cry from laughter as I think about it today. There aren’t many tweets but they are all gems. One of my favorites: “Just say NO to no talents getting reality tv shows.” The rest of her tweets are either questions or responses directed at no one in particular. Pretty awesome. Speaking of awesome, let’s get to the music!


File Under: Hyper-sexual, hyper-aware electropop R&B

From: Sweden

For Fans of: Robyn, Lana Del Rey, Rihanna (more “Shut Up And Drive” than “Te Amo”), Blow, Heathers, old medical drawings, Bat for Lashes (more in aesthetics than sound from what I hear so far), Un Chien Andalou, Kelis, taking artistic pictures of yourself with makeup smeared across your face for affect, “Annabel Lee.”

Bonus: I am obsessed with her song “Who’s Gonna Love Me” and the accompanying video she and her boyfriend shot and edited in her apartment. Both the song and the video have a devastatingly beautiful ugliness to them I just hope the rest of the album is even close to being as catchy.



File Under: Trip-hop, electronic, experimental

From: Minneapolis, MN

For Fans of: Massive Attack, Moby, Tricky, Portishead, Everything But The Girl, most shows on The Discovery Channel, Adobe design products, Etsy and/or DeviantArt, Malcolm Gladwell novels, the aquarium, film school, Holly Miranda.

Bonus: The band has their debut album, Give You The Ghost, coming out on Valentine’s Day, so give it to someone you love. Also, they’re giving away a free download of their song, “Lay Your Cards Out” (ft. Mike Noyce of Bon Iver) over at RCRDLBL.


Kali Mutsa

File Under: Music for the world-traveling hip-hop head

From: Chile

For Fans of: M.I.A., Quitzow, Dresden Dolls, Gogol Bordello, Crystal Waters, fire dancing, My Strange Addiction, any ethnic foods you eat with your hands, buying beans in bulk and soaking them yourself, intricate jewelry, Bitch & Animal, Kinnie Starr.

Kali is the elderly alter ego of the beautiful Chilean telenovela star, Celine Reymond. You know what they say, everybody loves Reymond.

Jauja by kalimutsa

Seeker Lover Keeper

File Under: A trifecta of melodic pop beauty that I’ve been meaning to write about for months now

From: Australia

For Fans of: the three wonderful musicians who made the magic happen (Sarah Blasko, Holly Throsby & Sally Seltmann), Fleetwood Mac mixed with Brandi Carlile, Anna Ternheim, Ane Brun, cute flats (the shoes), extracurricular activities with friends that don’t involve sports, a glass of nice wine, Great Expectations, movies starring Susan Sarandon, moleskin notebooks.

Bonus: Unfortunately the girls don’t have any set plans for touring together, nor do they have plans for writing another album. I guess the bonus here is that this first project came together pretty randomly, so it would make sense that these three will end up making music with each other again. Also, I want to mention that one of you sweet readers told me about this project a very long time ago. Thank you so much for the introduction and I’m so sorry it took me this long to finally write about them!


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