New Music Tuesday: 1-10-2012


Tuesday is here and with it brings new tunes! This is the first New
Music Tuesday of 2012, which is reminding me that I need to do a better
job than I did last year with compiling my “best of” list. Let’s dive
into some tunes, shall we?

Samantha RonsonChasing The
(Broken Toy Records)

Heart be still: SamRo has put out an
indie rock album and what I’ve heard is actually really good. Now, I
say “actually” because a couple of years ago I went to see Ronson play
a very small acoustic gig to a bar packed with lesbians and straight
girls who desperately wanted her to hit on them. It didn’t go very well
and the songs were much more geared towards a quiet coffee shop instead
of a bar filled with lecherous women (bloggers included).

I will say
that it was during a time when things weren’t all that stable for her —
and she had also even warned us via Twitter about how nervous she was.
Either way, I expect a performance when I go to see one so I
left after a few uncomfortable songs.

What I’m hearing now, though, are two polished songs that don’t stick
to one sound and can easily be added to many of my playlists. “Until
It’s Yesterday” incorporates some toy pianos, hand claps and a
children’s chorus, all of which are high-five worthy in my book. Title
track, “Chasing the Reds,” besides bringing the obvious Lindsay Lohan images to mind, is a
fun electro-punk jam with drum machine beats worthy of getting me to do
a mean hipster knee-shake into shoulder-shimmy.

The Little Willies
For the Good Times (Milking Bull LLC)

I started listening to The Little Willies and thought I recognized a
sweet, smoky voice belonging to Norah
. Turns out, Ms. Jones is, in fact, now a Little Willie.
(And the best looking one to boot). The album has some nice throwback
pop rockabilly tunes but keeps a modern edge to them. If you’re in your
teens through 20s and are looking for a some music to share with
your parents, this would be the album I’d go to. Parents, if you’re
reading this, be a dear and share this with your children — and then
take them to see some live music.

Kirsten OpstadFear of
(Kirsten Opstad)

The debut full length from this Boston
native is cute, quirky and could easily be used to score the the next Ellen Page indie rom-com.  She
definitely reminds me of Kimya Dawson,
both vocally and her instrumental cadence, but I would also add some Garfunkel and Oates for good
measure. Opstad is a storyteller whose songs play as though she’s
relating her day to a friend.


Kat Devlin and the White Whale
REM Cycle (self-released)

Out singer-songwriter Kat Devlin is joined by a great
group of musicians on her latest EP and their chemistry together shines
brightly. Her last album, The Voyage
, had more of a folk-vibe to it but these new songs are
injected with more pop sensibility. Also, the overall sound is more
lush and powerful. It’s exciting to see/hear this transformation and


Mentions: Snow Patrol, The Big Pink, Charlie Haden & Hank
, the breakups, O’Brother and Yo Gotti.

That’s all for this week but make sure you
check back here tomorrow for Your Weekly Women to Listen to. As always
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