Morning Brew – Tuesday, January 10: Lindsay Lohan to play Liz Taylor, “Pan Am” to sail into the sunset with a lesbian kiss


Top o’ the mornin’, Brewbies!

Apparently Lindsay Lohan‘s Playboy photoshoot is already paying off. Deadline is reporting that her Liz Taylor-channeling caught the eye of Lifetime execs who have approached her to play Taylor in their much-hyped biographical romance Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story, about the “fiery,” “notorious” “most publicized” romance between Taylor and Richard Burton. (Nice choice of adjectives, Deadline!)

I will forever have a ticket for the Lohan Comeback Express, so I am hoping against all hope that the project comes to fruition with her at the helm.

Are any of y’all still hanging on to the waning days of Pan Am? If so, you probably caught a glimpse of some lady lovin’ between Christini Ricci and Ashley Greene in a preview for next week’s episode.

A commitment to LGBT-inclusivity, or a last-ditch effort to get people to watch the show: You decide!

Remember Jenelle Hutcherson and Mollie Thomas, the first two openly gay women to compete in the Miss California USA pageant? Sadly, neither of them won the title, but they garnered plenty of positive attention for the LGBT community. The Los Angeles Times put it like this: “Two contestants in the Miss California USA competition over the weekend may not have taken home the crown or topped the ranks but they left with a significant place in the competition’s history.” Hopefully their participation will open up the door for a conversation about all kinds of beauty and the necessity of a platform for equality.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo hasn’t done quite as well as Sony had hoped — commercially, at least; the film is garnering plenty of critical acclaim — but that hasn’t stopped their push to make the next two Millennium Trilogy books into films. According to Vulture: “Steve Zaillian has finished the script for The Girl Who Played With Fire and is under way on The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. The first sequel should begin filming in late 2012 or early 2013.”

I actually think the second and third books are better than the first one, so yay for more Lisbeth!

Yesterday, The Advocate released their annual list of Gayest Cities in America, and the results might surprise you!

15. Denver

14. Long Beach

13. Austin

12. Portland

11. Little Rock

10. Grand Rapids

9. Atlanta

8. Knoxville

7. St. Paul and Minneapolis

6. Ann Arbor

5. Seattle

4. Fort Lauderdale

3. Cambridge

2. Orlando

1. Salt Lake City

Surprised not to see New York or LA? That’s because The Advocate has a particular nuance to their list. They offer one point for each of the following: LGBT elected city officials, WNBA teams, iternational Mr. Leather competition semifinalists, Imperial Court chapters, softball teams that competed in the Gay Softball World Series, LGBT bookstores, nude yoga, transgender protections, and concerts by Gossip, the Cliks, and the Veronicas since 2009; and then they divide those points by the city’s population. Also, probably a million bonus points for Orlando since it’s home to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and by extension Albus Dumbledore.

Happy Tuesday, friends.


Morning Brew – Monday, January 10: Lindsay Lohan to play Liz Taylor, “Pan Am” to sail into the sunset with a lesbian kiss

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