Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Delilah, Shuteye, Rachel Sermanni and more!


Hello my darlings and welcome to 2012! I hope your celebrations were
safe, fun and you were able to kiss someone special at midnight. If
they weren’t special, I hope they were at least great kissers. Great
kissers are the reason for the season — and I mean all seasons. Let’s
start 2012 off with some great kisses for your ears, shall we?

Rachel Sermanni

Gentle acoustic-guitar playing folksy singer-songwriter.
From: Scotland
For Fans of: Daughter, Joanna
Newsom, wool cableknit sweaters, Once,

Laura Marling, Agnes Obel, Circle of
, movies starring James
Cromwell, Lissie’s more stripped-down songs, fresh cold air, natural
history museums, Dove bodywash.
Bonus: Firstly, thank you to
AfterEllen reader Petrichor
for the heads up on Ms. Sermanni’s music. It turns out, her debut EP, Black Currents will be out at the
end of this month. Check out this beautifully shot video for “Song For a Fox.”

The Fog
by Rachel Sermanni


An interesting mix of electronic, soul and R&B
and it
all gives me goosebumps.
From: London
For Fans of: A mixture of Sade
& Lianne La Havas, Katy B, Sia’s ballads, candlelit apartments,
sweaty sex, edible body paint, Emeli Sandé, Goapele, the quickest way
to get me to drop my pants, L.L. Cool J’s lips,
Bonus: First Mary J. Blige covered Chaka Kahn’s awesome jam, “Aint
Nobody,” and now Delilah has used parts of the song in her incredibly
sexy single, “Go” off of the EP of the same name. A thousand thank-yous
to Adri, I am now obsessed.

Go by delilahofficial


Electro-lounge, chillwave, trip-pop
From: Sweet home Chicago
For Fans of: Ladytron, Massive
Attack, Sneaker Pimps, a poppier Austra, Active Child, lychee martinis,
fog machines, Skins Season 2,
Telepathe, chemistry (the science), haikus, shoe shopping.
Bonus: Not only are these two
hotties based in Chicago, but DJ Alena and I went to the same high
school! I love when small gay musical worlds collide. The duo just
released their four-song EP, Sun Night Sky, but we can look forward
to a full-length sometime in 2012.

Night Sky
by Shuteyemusic

Midnight Menace

Under: Punk-pop, rock
From: Netherlands
For Fans of: Rise Against, Sum
41, Good Charlotte, piercings, suspenders, plaid pants, Vampire Diaries, getting grounded
and sneaking out of the house anyway just so you could meet friends at
7-11, indoor malls, haunted houses, Mountain Dew, chain wallets.
Bonus: If you’re a punk rocking
bassist living in the Netherlands and are hoping to join a band or side
project, it looks like this kids are in need of a new one since their
bassist decided to go to school. If you do end up auditioning and get
the job, make sure you remember us little people.

rest for the wicked
by MidnightMenace

Emma Knight (Le Glow)

File Under: Electronic,
electro-disco, dance
From: Leeds
For Fans of: It seems as
though every song I listen to of hers ends up sounding completely
different and I’m not sure if it’s based on who she remixes or how she
remixes or both. So for now I’ll say Animal Collective, Phoenix, Groove
Armada, Sneaky Sound System, VIP access to late night clubs, hanging
out with guys who always have 5 o’clock shadow, tube socks.
Check out the cool little short music video she made. I can’t seem to find much
info on her but I’ll take this as a sign that she enjoys science. Also,
she’s made her tracks available for free downloading over at her bandcamp.

Murder She Wrote feat. Ria Moran
by emmaknightmusic

That’s all for this week’s recommendations, I hope you enjoy these
artists as much as I do! I’m looking forward to finding and sharing new
bands with all of you so, as always, feel free to reach out to me via email with your suggestions, follow me on Twitter,
or friend me on Facebook.

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