Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Danai, Lana Del Rey and more


Today is a very special day because today is Trish Bendix’s birthday and she is
not only my editor, but also one of my besties. I actually spent part
of my morning trying to put together a video for her, but my dogs
weren’t cooperating as props and they sure as hell did not want to be
part of my choreography. So, it will have to wait for another time. And when I figure out how to auto-tune my voice, there will be some
greatness coming your way. Oh yes, there will (insert maniacal laughter here).


Music that could easily have been a film score in the
60’s that I find oddly comforting to listen to as I sleep.
From: Originally born in
Greece, raised in France then moved to Chile
For Fans of: Serge Gainsbourg, Belle de jour, black turtlenecks,
rolling your own cigarettes, romance languages, listening to your
grandparents tell stories, Harold
and Maude
, espresso, Beach Cruiser style bicycles.
Bonus: Well, I can’t seem to
find a ton of information on Danai, but for me the bonus ends up being
that her voice helps me fall asleep at night and since I have insomnia
most nights, it’s a really welcome way to wind down.

de Matilde by Danai Stratigopoulou on Grooveshark

Lana Del Rey

Her face, her lips but mostly her voice would be the
subject of any poetry I would have written in the last few months – if
I could write poetry.
From: Brooklyn
For Fans of: Fiona Apple
singing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” “Across the Universe” and “Never
Is A Promise,” sneaking out to meet someone you shouldn’t be seeing,
Stevie Nicks, feelings, The Wonder Years, The
Boulevard of Broken Dreams, riding public transportation on cloudy
days, Sia’s sadder songs, secretly loving drama.
Bonus: OK, so there has been a
lot of talk about Lana Del Rey and not all of it is good — mostly
because she first launched her career under a different name and with
different lips, etc. I was waiting a while to write about her here
because I wanted to hear more of her music (and her debut album comes
out at the end of January). I can safely say she is not only an
internet sensation, she is the real deal and I still love her even if
she continues breaking my heart every time I listen to “Blue Jeans.” If
there was ever any doubt about her talent, please take this as proof.

Del Rey – Blue Jeans
by Nelsony23

Cubic Zirconia

Avant-funk, Electro-Hop
From: NYC
For Fans of: Idle Warship,
Outkast, Janelle MonĂ¡e, Lady Miss Kier, dancing, mustache parties,
unique patterns, big jewelry, party people, repurposing old
electronics, breakfast for dinner, any movie or TV show with a cameo
from Bootsy Collins or George Clinton, short jersey-cotton skirts,
Sneaky Sound System.
Bonus: They’ve got a ginger in
the group who looks very much like one of the guys from Mythbusters (and, in a strange bit
of news, one of the myths being busted last night also ended up busting
a car and someone’s house).

Zirconia – Yellow Spaceship Pt. 2
by foolsgoldrecs

Meredith Coloma

Pop-reggae, rock R&B, great voice
From: Canada
For Fans of: Maroon 5, Nelly
Furtado, Noisettes, sitting on a porch with a guitar and friends, Jason
Mraz, Daphne Willis, Amstel Light, cool hats, veggie burgers with
avocado, carnivals, Sunday Funday.
Bonus: Meredith actually plays
a guitar that she built herself. If that doesn’t up the hotness factor,
I’m not really sure what does.

Unfortunately that’s all I’ve got time
for today but I will be making it up to you very soon. I’m pretty
obsessed with all of the artists listed here today so hopefully you’ll
feel the same way. Remember to wish Trish a happy birthday and feel
free to follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook!


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