New Music Tuesday: 12-6-2011


Welcome to another day of new music! If you didn’t see Trish’s Lesbionic for The Holidays mix on Spotify
you should definitely check it out. I think I need to start making some
Hannukah pop songs to compete with the bevvy of great Christmas music
out there. I mean hello, “All I Want For Christmas Is Jew” could be a
big hit.

Amy WinehouseLioness: Hidden
(Universal Island Records)

This album is a beautiful reminder of an
artist we lost too early. Some of the songs are mastered versions of
past hits like “Valerie” and “Tears Dry” and “Wake Up Alone” while
others are covers of old songs sung in the soulful updated Motown sound
we came to know and love from Amy. Listening now, it’s hard to picture
the turmoil and downward spiral we all played witness to in the
headlines. In this way, it is a fitting tribute and the only way I
really want to remember Ms. Winehouse.

Winehouse Valerie
by devonmuse

Dia FramptonRed (Universal Republic)

Were we the only ones who already knew about Dia, of Meg and Dia fame
before she appeared on The Voice and was crowned runner-up? Maybe we’re just suckers for a combination of cuteness and talent and can recognize it before the rest of the world hops on the bandwagon. It’s kind of like real estate – you want to find some property that will eventually be turned into the hippest part of town? Follow the lesbians. Anywho, Dia is absolutely adorable and while she is (appropriately) listed in the pop category, she is
unlike many other pop artists. You will see many genres covered on this album, from dance to country to singer-songwriter. It’s a curious blend – and I’m not sure a sustainable one – but for a solo debut coming off of a reality competition, this could be a great way to test the waters and see which market she will appeal to most. I’ll be anxious to see how this turns out and I’ll also be curious to see what Meg is up to.

Frampton (Ft. KiD CuDi) – Don’t Kick the Chair

Tender ForeverWhere Are We From (K Records)

If you’re into indie electro-rock
greatness similar to Holly Miranda
and the collaborative album from Thao
and Mirah, then Tender Forever is who you should be
putting in your ears right this second. Melanie Valera may be a solo act but
her songs are filled with many layers of sound punctuated by her
spoken-sung vocals. There is nothing delicate about the seven songs on
this release – and I like it like that. I would love to hear what a
collaboration between Melanie and Merrill
would sound like. The track below is not from her new album but should
give you a good feel for her sound.

Heartbroken Forever tender forever
by passageira

Leibya RogersLeibyaFair Live! (Germ Recordings)

This is a bit of an advanced warning
because the album is only available for pre-order right now but will be
made available this Saturday to celebrate a very special release

in New York at Sullivan Hall. Leibya Rogers is the alter ego of the
very hilarious Miny Raf. She
describes herself as such, “I’m a third wave feminist who stylistically
has post modern fourth wave reconstructionist feminist tendencies. Also
I regularly change lives at comedy and music shows with my comedy and
music. I just sucked you into my womb. You’re welcome.” She’s not lying
either — she actually sucked me into her womb about a week ago. The
joke is on her though because now she’s going to have to breastfeed an
entire population of adoring lesbian fans.

Honorable Mentions: Grace
Potter & The Nocturnals
(iTunes Sessions), The Black Keys, Digitalism, The Fall, KoRn, Little River Band, The Maine, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Gary Numan, The Roots, Robin Thicke, T-Pain, Nils Lofgren, Phish, Neil Diamond and Wives.

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