Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Lianne La Havas, Vienna Ditto and more


It’s gone from beautiful and mild to beautiful and chilly here in
Chicago and I’m spending the day drinking tea at the Starbucks around
the corner from my apartment. There’s an older disheveled gentleman,
who I literally just saw picking his nose, wearing a bright orange
shirt and a fannypack. I keep getting distracted by him because he is
making loud phone calls that sound like this, “Hello, Archduke? They
won’t fix my car!” I could probably observe him and be entertained for
days. So, I’ll try to multitask and do my best to keep my gag reflex in
check now that I’ve seen him shake someone’s hand with the same one he
used to go digging for gold in his nose.

Goodnight Fields

File Under: Boy/girl folk pop

Indiana (actually, I think all or most of them went to
the same college as mah boo.)

For Fans of:
A much folkier Tilly and the Wall, anything I’ve
heard Haley Williams sing acoustically, Guster,
dating seriously in college, Ben Folds’ sadder songs, Magnetic Fields,
thin leather bracelets or necklaces with one artsy bead you either
picked up at an art fair or made yourself at summer camp or an elective
class, sensitive lesbros.

The four-piece just released a new EP, Sincerely,
, which they are making available to download for free via
their Bandcamp page. Apparently they’re also going to be releasing one
free song to download every two weeks. That’s right, Christmas is
coming early this year. Also, oddly enough, their cute little drummer, Bianca,
kind of looks like my girlfriend. There must be something about Muncie,

To Be Desired
by thegoodnightfields

Lianne La

File Under: Jazzy soul pop that is so special I
almost can’t take it


For Fans of:
Jill Scott, Corinne Bailey Rae, Sade, wearing
scarves as an accessory, a great cup of coffee, Laura Marling, Feist,
India Arie, vintage-chic outerwear, candlelit baths, seduction.

My girl Adri has blown my mind once
again! Listening to Lianne gives me butterflies in my tummy. It looks
like if you’re lucky enough, you may be able to catch her on tour with Bon
this winter. Check out her gorgeous duet with Willy
, “No Room For Doubt.”

La Havas – Don’t Wake Me Up (Live in LA)
by Lianne La Havas

Vienna Ditto

File Under: Dark, electro-rock

From: The UK

For Fans of:
Bat for Lashes, Austra, a darker-sounding Lily
Allen, masquerade parties, the vampires from Anne Rice
novels, Dana Jade, vocally a bit like Florence Welch, a less electronic
Class Actress, Frankenberry cereal.

I came across their music a bit accidentally via Soundcloud, but I’m so excited that I did and I’m hoping their live shows are as
impressive as I find their music.

Bells by viennaditto


File Under: Alternapop

From: Japan

For Fans of:
Avril Lavigne, VersaEmerge, disappointing your
parents with your college major, Hey Monday, Manic Panic hair dye,
collecting guitar picks.

The band was formed while all four of the girls were in
their first year of high school. I really wish my parents had let me
take the drums when I was younger instead of forcing me into the

メルシ-ねご by getyo


File Under: An experimental folk rock group I’ve been
meaning to write about for probably two years


For Fans of:
Ditty Bops “Moon Over The Freeway”-era, The
Shondes, Amanda Palmer, making a party wherever you are, carnies (not
necessarily the carnivals themselves), Ripley’s Believe it or Not,
acrobats, Victorian garb.

The ladies are giving away a free track via their Facebook page, so make sure you pick it up. Thank
you to all of you lovely readers who have emailed me to remind me to
write about them (and there are many of you).

– Le Pop
by ramcguckin71

That’s it for this week and I think this round-up is pretty stellar!
Enjoy the rest of your week and if you aren’t afraid of a little
colorful language, feel free to follow me on Twitter,
and check out what I’m listening to on Spotify!

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