Styled Out: Fashionable four-eyes


My fiancée and I have a strong affection for CBS Sunday Morning, which I realize might seem boring to some of you, but it’s essentially NPR on the television. It provides some useful information, like where to get rad but super inexpensive eye glasses!

It can be difficult to narrow an important decision as eyewear down to just one or two options, but Warby Parker makes it super easy. Not only are they totally affordable, but their super awesome frames often come with a preview option. You can upload your photo and virtually try on a ton of options before you commit.


I am a fan of Cynthia Rowley on the regular, but her eyewear makes my heart get all aflutter. Her designs for your eyeballs are on the same plain as her threads: Classic, somewhat simple, but somehow intricate at the same time.

Another score in the land of interweb shopping is Eye Fly. Low prices and adorable frames equal a total win.

If you’re into vintage, look no further. You can snag a truly authentic look from your favorite decade at Allyn Scura. I think I fell in love just this afternoon whilst browsing their selection.

For the ultra thrifty near-sighted amongst us, I know many a gay who are big fans of Zenni Optical. They too, like much of the above listed companies have a “try on” option so that you can be sure that what you’re buying is going to look totally amazing on your face. This site is particularly helpful because it lists whether the frames are a small, medium or large and if they’re able to be dually used with bifocal lenses.

Where do you get your glasses?

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