Huddle: Top Tweeters


Whenever people ask me why I like Twitter, I tell them it’s more about what I find out than what I put out. Sure it’s a great tool to use for promoting things or generally speaking your mind, but to a lot of people, it’s more about sharing. It’s as educational as it is entertaining, which is why people tend to have different favorites on the social networking site.

So, bloggers, who is your favorite tweeter?

Bridget McManus: I’m obsessed with Sia! Whenever I read her tweets I can hear her sprite-like voice whispering in my ear. (Maybe I should get that checked out by a doctor.) The Australian musician seems to have a good sense of humor and she isn’t afraid to let her freak flag fly!

Mia Jones: Sarah Silverman is basically the light of my life. Every time a tweet of hers pops up, I can hear her voice reading it aloud, and I picture her furrowed brow and crooked half-smile. The fact that she’s a hot piece of funny tail that my Jewish grandma probably wouldn’t mind me bringing home (well, maybe she would), plus her sarcasm, her tweets about her little old dog, Doug — these things make her the best. (Cue song from the end of Karate Kid)

Heather Hogan: I don’t get particularly starstruck over actors and musicians and athletes, so I don’t follow many of them on Twitter. Frankly, I’d rather read about what my best mates are having for lunch that about the shenanigans and opinions of A-list celebrities.

What I do get starstruck over, however, are writers and directors — the creative types that make TV happen. In fact, one of my favorite things in the world are people who love their stories as much as (and sometimes more than) fans love their stories. So my favorite “celebrity” tweeters are: Jane Espenson of Buffy, Battlestar and Torchwood fame; Neil Gaiman of every awesome thing fame; Marlene King, showrunner and writer of Pretty Little Liars; Norman Buckley, director of some of my all-time favorite TV series; Janet Tamaro, maker of #Gayzzolis; Steven Moffat, master of Sherlock and Doctor Who; and, of course, Mindy Kaling, who is most known for The Office, but will one day be known like Tina Fey.

Also, I’m totally addicted to our #BooRadleyVanCullen Tweets. Reading them on Wednesday morning is one of my favorite parts of the week.

Trish Bendix: So I’m not an amazing cook (like, at all) but I love to try, and I sure do love to eat. I’m also kind of obsessed with lesbian-penned food memoirs (it’s a very specific genre) and last year’s Spoon Fed by New York Times food writer Kim Severson is one of my favorites. So it’s only natural I would appreciate all of her tweets. All kinds of foodie tips, tricks, links and other insights from a woman who knows her way around the Internet as well as the kitchen.

Grace Chu: The hottest celeb in a galaxy far, far away is, of course, the Fresh Prince of Dagobah: Yoda. He’s so badass, he mocks the heat wave — and he don’t need no wand to levitate. Respect.

Emily Hartl: I visited Sante Fe in 2002 and Your Aunt Diane is the epitome of every sexually fluid, free spirited broad selling her turquoise wire jewelry there. You know how stuff is just plain funny because its true? That’s this persona. I love stuff that’s satirical.

Karman Kregloe: I have two favorite celebrity tweeters: Jane Fonda and Yoko Ono. Both women have some serious life experience under their belts and I find their observations to be insightful, soulful and thought-provoking. Yes, I also truly enjoy Kathy Griffin‘s hilarious tweets, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded that social media can be a source of inspiration and connection rather than just more evidence that people on reality TV shows think that they are “famous” for doing anything that matters or that actors eat tuna salad for lunch.

Dorothy Snarker: Olivia Wilde. She’s funny and smart in her tweets which, when you couple with how gorgeous she is, is kind of unfair. You can’t have all the toys, lady. But, to the joy of my Twitter feed, she does.

Who should we be following, guys?

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