Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Dessa, Chew Lips, Digitaria and more


Another Wednesday is upon us and I’ve got so much work to do I don’t have time for chitter chatter so I will just tell you I really like you a lot and here are five more acts you should totally check out.


File Under: This beat be automatic supersonic funky fresh
From: Chile
For Fans of: Yelle, MEN, Micachu and the Shapes, wearing your shirts just a little bit off the shoulder, heavy bass lines, Rubix Cubes, synthesizers, Saturday Morning Cartoons from the 80s, bangs.
Bonus: I am a bit obsessed with this band right now, but what makes them fill my world with over-the-top joy is that their soundcloud page is filled with a bunch of free downloads. My empty wallet can’t say no to that! Here’s one to whet your appetite.



File Under: Soulful R&B rapping
From: Minnesota
For Fans of: Digable Planets, Mos Def, Cecil Otter, MC Lyte, poetry, history lessons, John Singleton movies more than Spike Lee movies, sneakers, diner food.
Bonus: Dessa is a published author of poetry as well as being a musician. Thanks to Twitter user @molloyda for the suggestion and reminder of the Dessa dopeness.

Dixon’s Girl by doomtree 

Chew Lips

File Under: Electropop, electro-disco, rock
From: The UK
For Fans of: Company of Thieves, Metric, Little Boots, lip gloss, spending time on your hair to make it look kind of messy, glitter, disco balls, red pumps, Fan Death, Simian Mobile Disco
Bonus: reader Chut came up with this fab suggestion! I’m also really enjoying the band’s photo blog so if you’re into that sort of thing, stop on by!

Eagle (Demo) by Chew Lips 


File Under: Black ‘n’ Roll
From: Norway
For Fans of: Animal Alpha, Haust, Kvelertak, sounding really pissed off, lizards, Rob Zombie (music and movies), mixed martial arts, spiked heels, choking someone out during sex. (Am I allowed to say that on here? Don’t try that at home kids!)
Bonus: Agnete Kj√∏lsrud is the former frontwoman of Animal Alpha and has recently appeared on the latest Dimmu Borgir LP as a guest vocalist.

DJERV Headstone by IndieRecordings 


File Under: Electronic, downtempo, lounge, disco, awesome
From: Brasil
For Fans of: Ladytron, forgetting to eat sometimes, minimal dance movements, Royksopp, Fever Ray, some Hot Chip, Bitter:Sweet, Fuerza Bruta
Bonus: I just think they’re adorable. So there.

06 – Digitaria – Becquerel’s Revenge by Digitaria 

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