New Music Tuesday: 7-19-2011


Happy hot Tuesday everybody! The only good part about the weather right now, besides that it isn’t winter, is that I feel like I’m sweating away pounds without actually having to do anything! We’ve got some seriously awesome music coming out today so get ready to enjoy and hopefully this will make you less depressed about Rebecca Black having a new single.

Amy LaVereStranger Me (Archer Records)

It’s been a trying time for LaVere over these past couple years. Between the death of her mentor, the end of a relationship and a broken up band, LaVere picked up the pieces and poured her heart and soul into what was to become this album. This is a bluesy folk album sung with a voice sometimes sounding so fragile you just want to pick her up and tell her everything is going to be OK. You can stream the entire album over at NPR.

Imedla MayMayhem (Decca)

On the other side of the spectrum we’ve got the glorious Imelda May, who I’m pretty sure wears ass-kicking boots wherever she goes. Her rockabilly swagger makes me want to enter a drag racing contest in her honor. There needs to be more music like this!

Imelda May – Mayhem by charmfactory

Shonen Knife — Osaka Ramones – Tribute to the Ramones (Good Charamel Records)

While this isn’t original music, a tribute to the Ramones is totally cool by me. Shonen Knife has been around for pretty much my entire lifetime and will always represent a kind of coolness to me in the same way as seniors in high school did when I was a freshman. If you’re a fan of the Ramones and kitsch, this is a must-have for your music collection.

Genius LoversStrange Game (Dave Derosa)

The debut album from this electro-dance pop act does exactly what was intended: It makes you want to move your tush. Their songs are primed for remixing and being a favorite of gay dance clubs across America.

Genius Lovers – Push Back by The Karpel Group

Honorable Mentions: Theophilus London (I love him almost too much, this album is fab), Jenny O‘s new EP, They Might Be Giants, 311, Wiley, AM and Shawn Lee, Meredith Bragg, Burlap to Cashmere, Golden State, July A.D., The Summer Set, Portugal, The Man and Crystal Antlers.

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