Chicks Getting Hitched: Unique spots for your wedding


Several years ago – back when only straight people could get married – there wasn’t a whole lot of variety in wedding reception venues. The choices pretty much boiled down to hotel or banquet hall – and the result was that most weddings looked almost exactly the same.

Today, couples are throwing post-nuptial shindigs in all kinds of unique places and putting their own personal stamps on their receptions by customizing everything from the lighting to the art on the walls. When you think about it, with a little creativity, just about any space can be transformed into a beautiful and personalized wedding reception venue. Here are a few places that I think would make perfect backdrops for stylish lesbian weddings.


Literary ladies may want to consider a library for their receptions. Many libraries feature stunning classic architecture and all of those stacks of old books lend a sense of history and permanence that is fitting for a wedding. Hopefully your library wedding will turn out better than it did for Carrie Bradshaw when Mr. Big got cold feet outside of The New York Public Library in the first Sex and the City: The Movie. No one would want to recreate that scene.


One of the most common gripes about weddings is the quality of the food. You can sidestep that problem by throwing yours at a restaurant. Obviously, restaurants may not be suitable for very large weddings, but depending on the size of your party, you may be able to arrange for a private space at your favorite restaurant. The food may cost more if you go this route, but you may be able to save on décor as many restaurants are already decorated to create romantic ambiance.


Many couples hold their weddings near water, but what about right on the water? Again, probably not the ideal venue for 200 guests, but if you’re throwing an intimate affair, a boat could be just the place to do it. I picture a sunset ceremony followed by champagne and appetizers on the upper deck, where you and your guests can enjoy the view.


If you want to create a casual and playful vibe at your wedding, try your local zoo. Most zoos already have many of the elements you’d look for in an outdoor wedding venue – pretty landscaping, water elements and open spaces. But, at the zoo, your guests will get the added bonus of mingling with exotic animals, which could go a long way in distracting everyone from your drunk aunt trying to start a line dance.


Wine will most likely play a large role in your reception, so why not go straight to the source and hold your wedding at a vineyard or winery. Aside from offering easy access to vino, vineyards also happen to offer pretty spectacular scenery. If you do choose a vineyard for your wedding, work with the staff to choose wine pairings for each course of the meal.


Most people opt to get married during the warmer months, but I happen to love a winter wedding. If you’re like me, a mountaintop chalet may be your ideal wedding venue. I can’t imagine anything more romantic than snowflakes sparkling in moonlight outside while a wedding ceremony is being performed inside by a roaring fire.

Where was the most interesting wedding you’ve been to?

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