Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Icona Pop, Julia Weldon and more


Happy Wednesday, everybody! How are you on this fine day? Things for me are looking up in the world because I was able to make my very first gif yesterday. The possibilities to entertain myself are now endless and for this I am thankful. In any case, let’s get some new music to your ears shall we?

The FountNHead

File Under: Hip-hop with rock/punk influences
From: Georgia/Germany
For Fans of: The Knux, Psalm One, Gym Class Heroes, N.E.R.D., stooping on your front porch, Converse high tops, James Baldwin novels, handkerchiefs as accessories, warm weather, late nights, old souls.
Bonus: Thanks to AE reader Scorpiopixie7 for the introduction.

Bang Bang Bang by TheFountNHead

Icona Pop

File Under: Indie electro-pop dance jams
From: Sweden where dance pop goes to breed
For Fans of: In some ways they remind me of Those Dancing Days (but not in musicality, just more in that they seem so free and fun), Oh Land, holding hands with your friends down the street, We Have Band, bed head, outdoor music festivals, beer in plastic cups, Hipstamatic photos.
Bonus: High fives to AE reader Adri.614 for this rec. I’ve been dancing in my chair every time I press play. The duo is signed to one of my favorite record labels, Kitsune, so I’m not surprised how much they light up this cold black heart of mine.

Still Don’t Know by IconaPop

Caro Emerald

File Under: Jazz pop with soul
From: The Netherlands
For Fans of: So You Think You Can Dance, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone remixes, Eliza Doolittle, being timeless, sexy stockings, martinis, horns, skinny ties, family dinners, Pleasantville, burlesque.
Bonus: Check out her cute video for her song “Stuck.” I love her Broadway/lounge theme and can I get a “hell yes” for a full-figured beauty? Thanks to Nicole for the suggestion!

Caro Emerald – Back It Up by Cosmos Music Group


File Under: Electro-pop
From: Japan
For Fans of: Dance Dance Revolution, cardio, anime, Coltemonikha, Aira Mitsuki, speeding, Disney World.
Bonus: According to their website, they all have the same blood type, which I suppose is a good thing in case of emergency. The video for their song, “Dream Fighter,” features cute dancing which, as I’m told by Natalia, is linked to their lyrics. Of course, I have no clue what they’re saying so for me it’s just all about how the music makes me feel.

Julia Weldon

File Under: Singer/songwriter, acoustic, folk
From: NYC
For Fans of: Bonnie “Prince” Billy, classic Bright Eyes, Heineken, The Indigo Girls’ “Romeo & Juliet,” Edie Carey, feminist bookstores, journaling, Reality Bites (even if you won’t admit it), Georgia O’Keefe, camping, open mic nights.
Bonus: Julia is a fellow gal pal and she’s cute as a button. Thanks Elle Girl for the suggestion! I swear I’ve written about her before, but perhaps I was just stalking her MySpace page for a bit. I have a tendency to do that.

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