The Weekly Geek: Eat like Daenerys


Foodie geeks and fantasy geeks haven’t always gotten along, traditionally, but I think I’ve found the place where the two strains of nerdiness live together in perfect harmony. That place is a blog called The Inn at the Crossroads, and the premise is wonderfully, delightfully simple: The authors cook up dishes inspired by the Song of Ice and Fire series of novels (in case you’re new here, HBO’s Game of Thrones is based on the first book) and tell the world all about their culinary adventures.

The authors present the delicious-looking dishes — many with a “medieval” and a “modern” recipe — alongside quotes from the books. Take this recent scrumptious treat of Peaches in Honey, both Roman and modern style, served up with this juicy quotation:

When a serving girl brought her supper, she almost kissed her. There was hot bread and fresh-churned butter, a thick beef soup, capon and carrots, and peaches in honey. “Even the food tastes sweeter,” she thought. (II: 669)

I haven’t even mentioned the photography yet. Gorgeous, hunger-inducing photos of each culinary experiment (as well as awesome descriptions of each dish/meal/drink’s character and success) accompany every recipe. Plus, you can search the site by “region” from the books.

It’s all the work of two very passionate foodie/Song Of Ice and Fire fans. From the site:

We are two big fans of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series. We are also fans of food. What, then, would be more natural than to combine them into one fabulous blog? … So loosen your belts, sharpen your knives, and whet your palate for the foods of Westeros. Bottoms up!

You’ll find everything from actual cured salt beef to hot spiced wine to cold fruit soups — pretty much anything that’s mentioned specifically in the books (if it exists on earth, that is), you’ll find it here. The best part? You can actually make it yourself, and have a medieval Westeros party! You get bonus points for making some of these goodies then hosting a Game of Thrones viewing. Actually, that’s a fantastic idea. So if any of you have take it to heart, I want to see pictures!

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