Styled Out: Chanel’s new catsuit


Out model Freja Beha Erichsen has taken her love of pussy (pun intended) to a whole new level. Like, you know, actually dressing in a cat costume for fashion force Chanel’s fall campaign.

What? Really? Runway is usually pretty strange and mostly not street wear friendly as it is and now this? Since it’s for their fall line, is this some sort of Halloween plug or what? I am truly and utterly confused.

Here’s the thing: The fashion forward and the queens of couture are going to be the first to get behind this wildness because 1. Freja is amazing (duh), 2. It’s Chanel, and, most importantly, 3. You don’t doubt the two combined. If I take it with a grain of salt, I can swallow it without gagging. This is one concept I’m going to have a hard time with, unfortunately.

What are the takeaways, you ask? Excellent question. I am a fan of a black, high-waisted, thick belt because they are most always flattering on every figure (see how I’m reading between the lines of this ad?). Also, I like sweatpants. Usually not paired with the belt, but you know, whatever. She might not even be actually wearing sweatpants, that’s just how I’m perceiving it. That’s what we do with runway sometimes, folks. Make your own interpretation!

What say you? Are you a mew or a nay on this one?

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