Morning Brew – Friday, July 1: Gwyneth gets naked, Gaga gets Tumblr


Good morning, Brewbies! Happy Canada Day, Canada! Happy almost-birthday, America! Happy Friday, everyone! (I maaay have had a couple of coffees already this morning.)

In honor of Canada Day, let’s all take a moment to enjoy “Let’s Go to the Mall,” the only hit from our favorite one-hit Canadian wonder, Robin Sparkles.

“Sandcastles in the Sand” is also on my iPod, if you want to know the truth.

Though she pales in comparison to Robin Sparkles in both style and success, I should also mention that Lady Gaga is on Tumblr now. I should mention it because you guys are blowing up my email with photos from her Tumblr that are confusing me. Amen Fashion is the name of the thing, and here’s some of the fashion Gaga is blessing:

Did you know Lady Gaga has more Twitter followers than populations of Sweden, Israel, Greece, Chile, North Korea and Australia? Did you also know the latest installment of “Social Media Revolution” says that people use Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr these days more than they watch porn? Nutso bananas.

The Hollywood Reporter has screened Chely Wright’s forthcoming documentary, Wish Me Away, and they’ve got nothing but good things to say about it.

During her coming-out process, when Chely and her father appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show and the queen of television wipes away a tear, many in the audience are sure to follow suit. An end title tells us that she received hate mail from former fans, but Wright feels content that she might have made life a little easier for those who follow her.

Go ahead and count me in as one of those people who has to wipe tears away every time I see that Oprah clip.

I never can tell how you guys feel about Gwyneth Paltrow. Is she the captain of the Good Ship Brittana, or is she the most annoying thing about Glee? I’ve read a billion comments that seem to be split on the issue, but there’s just no way that second thing can be true. I mean, you’ve seen Mr Schue rap, have you not? Anyway, Paltrow is nearly naked in this month’s Vanity Fair.

She’s posing for jewelry, I think. Or something. Also, Emma Stone, how can you be naturally blonde? Your red hair is a-mazing!

Local NY newspaper, The Tarrytown-Sleepy Hollow Patch, features an effusive review of Ani DiFranco’s most recent concert at Tarytown Music Hall. The reporter comments fondly on all the lesbians in the crowd that have been following Ani throughout her career.

You leave an Ani show not necessarily transported by the music itself but the message. Her lyrics reign supreme – for she is a poet truly – and she showcases them by almost speaking them, clearly if sometimes too fast to always grasp. Whatever type of people sat in the audience, the thing that most likely linked them was their progressive politics. For Ani the personal is political, and she’s overt with her messages …

The Voice runner-up, Vicci Martinez told Billboard that she’s already getting ready to drop her first post-Voice album.

The 26 year old blues-rock singer who shared the stage with Train’s Pat Monahan on the finale, says she will be working again with Monahan in the near future. She says she intends to start working on an album within a week and that a deal is already in the works.

“I want it to be over in two months,” she told “I don’t want to spend six months on it. We got a single out in a week so I think we’re OK.”

Beverly McClellan was the only one of the top four contestants who wouldn’t speculate on an album deal, but we’re sure to hear something about it any day now. Maybe she’s waiting until The Voice tour to announce it.

And one more piece of The Voice news: Christina Aguilera has signed on as a judge for another season of the show. (So have the other three judges.)

Monday is American Independence Day, so we’ll be on vacation. Enjoy your three-day weekend. Trish Bendix will be back with you Tuesday!

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