Styled Out: Perfecting the pixie cut


It was brought to our attention over recently that Evan Rachel Wood is the latest to jump on the pixie cut band wagon, and thank heavens she did!

She is arguably the best looking lady I’ve seen rocking shorn locks. I think it brings her to a more mature and age appropriate state; I adore that in a cut. It’s incredibly important to keep that factor in mind when choosing a style, btw. It’s right up there with face shape and what works with all of that business.

Another honorable mention in the pixie department? Ginnifer Goodwin, but of course.

I don’t care what anyone has to say, I hated Emma Watson’s take on the look. This would be a prime example of when the crop goes sour. It was entirely too severe for her simply because she has such soft features; the cut she had opened her entire face up, and frankly, she doesn’t have the cheekbones or jaw line to handle it. Want proof? She’s growing it out.

I’m obsessed the pixies of old. A good reference is a great thing to have when you’re walking into the salon and when the cut came to be, many a hot broad chose to don the style. Why not draw inspiration from Twiggy or Mia Farrow?

Another favorite? Winona Ryder.

Now if only I could swap out my thick curly locks for a less dense mop to try it out for myself this summer. Alas, I have to work with what was handed to me, which you all should, too. Listen to your hairdresser and make sure you go to a good one who tells you whether or not it’s going to work for you on the real.

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