Morning Brew – Tues., May 10: Brazil gets a lesbian couple on “Love & Revolution,” Elizabeth Keener hosts “Who Knows Her Better”



If you watched SNL this last weekend, you saw a lot of Tina Fey, but you didn’t see this sketch. It wasn’t aired, perhaps because it could be a little offensive, but if you’ve read Bossypants or just take an interest in the ridiculousness that is sexism in writer’s rooms, you’ll probably laugh at the truth it stems from before crying into your worn out copy of A Room of One’s Own.

Speaking of awesome women writers, Terry Castle is one of my very favorites. KQED Arts had a Q&A with the professor/culture writer and this is one of my favorite quotes:

I’m sure this sounds horribly snobbish, but for me, finding someone crush-worthy has to do almost entirely with how intelligent they are. Braininess counts far more for me than that collagen-induced ‘hotness’ supposedly represented by supermodels, Real Housewives, and the air-brushed starlets, male and female, one sees in People magazine and the National Enquirer. I’d much rather go on a date with Fran Lebowitz, say, than Britney or Nicole or whatever their names are. That said, I confess there’s one group of people exempt from the cruel proviso expressed above: namely, gorgeous lady-basketball players.

Terry Castle is my spirit animal.

Brazilian soap Love & Revolution is going to have its first lesbian kiss! It’s between actresses Giselle Tigre and Luciana Vendramini, and Giselle told a reporter she hopes the kiss is “only the beginning” and she hopes to do a full-on love scene soon.

The story the quote comes from indicates there will be a lot more to come in the storyline, so tune in Brazil! (Thank you Iximioca!)

There have been some mixed reactions to this PSA from Believe Out Loud, but I think you’ll appreciate the intent. Despite the congregation’s apparent disgust over the lesbian couple with their child, the message is supposed to be that the church welcomes everyone — or should.

A lesbian blogger in Syria is getting some attention for her brave posts on being out in Damascus. Check out this piece in Time about the importance of her dispatches.

If you’re a fan of The Blow (as you should be), you’ll definitely appreciate this piece she penned for She writes about her experiences at attempting to be straight and attending high school dances with boys.

An excerpt:

At that point, I had never seen a gay person with my own eyes. I am pretty sure I had never even seen a representation of a lesbian on television or in a movie. It didn’t exist in my world. A goth girl from my school once wore a t-shirt that said THIS IS WHAT A LESBIAN LOOKS LIKE, and I was certain that she was wearing it simply to get attention. There was no way in my mind that she could be gay, and I guess that if I could have been convinced that she actually was, I wouldn’t have been very excited about having her appearance be a definition of lesbian. I was personally terrified of the possibility that I liked girls, and I spent a good deal of energy throughout high school suppressing the thought, and just trying to fit in with the mainstream. This repression offers some excuse for how clueless I was about myself. There is, however, no excuse for the outfit that I am wearing in the Homecoming photo.

Agreed, but we all have photos like that, so you are forgiven. (Thanks for the tip Carrie!)

Q the Series is a new web show about queer life in college, as made by students at Columbia University. You can watch the first episode right here, and then visit on May 16 when the second one airs.

Out comic artist Ariel Schrag contributed a piece to New York Magazine‘s collection of hypothetical outfits Lady Gaga could wear. Ariel’s is a little NSFW, but is described as such:

The dress is composed of live, squirming infants. By using naked bodies to cover her own naked body, she examines the human dichotomy of pure and obscene. The babies also represent the fluidity of identity — they’re always in motion — and the neediness of the consuming public. They’re clingy!

I could see her wearing some babies. Anyone want to donate one to the cause?

Amber Heard has been cast in the upcoming indie film Syrup, which Variety writes is “about marketing told through the soda industry and the backstabbing and corporate ladder climbing of twentysomethings trying to make it to the top.” As of now, Amber and Shiloh Fernandez are the only ones attached to the script, which is based off a book by Max Barry. Production will start this summer in New York.

Tello Films has released a trailer for their new game show Who Knows Her Better, hosted by Elizabeth Keener. Check it out!

It’s coming soon to the Premium Content section of Tello’s site. We’ll keep you posted!

Today in Lesbianish TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), Bang For Your Buck (HGTV 5 p.m.), Disaster DIY (DIY 5:30 p.m.), Glee (Fox 8 p.m.), The Biggest Loser: Couples (NBC 8 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m., midnight, 4 a.m.), Addicted to Food (OWN 8 p.m.), Becoming Chaz (OWN 9 p.m.), Doc Club With Rosie O’Donnell (OWN 10:30 p.m.), The Voice (NBC 10 p.m.) and The Good Wife (CBS 10 p.m.). (Thanks Roni!)

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