Morning Brew – Fri. April 29: The Runaways get a tribute album, Tegan and Sara auction off potatoes


Happy Friday!

Did you stay up/wake up to watch the Royal Wedding? I didn’t, because I like sleep. But I did love Kate Middleton‘s choice of Alexander McQueen. That was probably about the gayest part of the whole thing.

Have you always wanted to own a potato signed by Tegan and Sara? Now’s your chance! The twin musical duo are auctioning off some autographed spuds so they can donate proceeds to tsunami relief.

They’ve also lent an unreleased version of “Relief Next to Me” to Download to Donate. You’ll have to buy the whole album for $10, but other artists include Sara Bareilles and R.E.M. so you might actually like it.

While we’re on the subject of compilations, check out the musicians that are behind the new Runaways tribute album, Queens of Noise. Kathleen Hanna joins Peaches and Ad-Rock on “Dead End Justice,” Kittie takes on “Fantasies,” The Dandy Warhols do “Cherry Bomb,” and The Donnas get the title track. The album comes out June 7 and all proceeds will benefit cancer research in the name of late Runaways drummer Sandy West.

Professional French volleyball player Marielle Bousquet is one of the sponsors of the seventh annual LGBT sports tournament in Paris coming up. This interview with her is in French, so I’m doing my best to translate, but she discusses coming out and being out in professional sports and how she’s been with her partner for seven years. She says she’s never had any problems being openly gay, and wants other players to feel that way. (Thanks for the tip Sam!)

South Africa’s The Sonke Gender Justice Network says that corrective rape of lesbians isn’t just still happening, it’s increasing. 24-year-old lesbian activist Noxolo Nogwaza was attacked and stoned to death last weekend. This is horrendous and something needs to be done. Thankfully the SGJN are keeping up with the police on the murder investigation and alerting the media of what’s going on so that attention is paid and, hopefully, perpetrators will be not only responsible but put in prison. This needs to end.

Tabatha Coffey went on Dr. Drew‘s HLN talk show the other night and discussed coming out and how young people who are struggling with it can deal.

Dr. Drew has been doing a ton of lesbian stuff on his show lately. Has anyone been regularly watching?

The New Gay has an interview with Leisha Hailey where she talks about why she had her rainbow arm band tattoo removed.

Well I got it when I was 23 or 4 and, um, and I never intended it to be a gay rainbow. I really loved stars at the time and I really loved color. I still love color. I wanted it to be the most colorful tattoo that ever existed. And the tattoo artist went over it twice, so it was really inked on there. After a while, I couldn’t stand that it was an armband more than anything. I felt like Nick Lachey.

Also in the interview: She won’t talk politics (not even Prop. 8), but she will tell you how she feels about fan girls who yell “Alice” at Uh Huh Her shows. (You know who you are!)

Kelly McGillis is tired of lying to the press. Instead, she’ll tell you pretty much anything you want to know. Has she had plastic surgery or work done of any kind? Here’s your answer:

I once had a boob job but I took them out because it felt like a frigging lie. People would say, “You have nice t–s” and I’d be like, “F–k, they’re not mine.”

I did try Botox but let me tell you, trying to do Shakespeare without being able to move your face is the most frustrating thing in the land. What’s wrong with me as I am? I’m convinced the industry is going to need 70 year olds who look 70.

I love that she’s pissed because they weren’t actually hers, not that people were coming up to her and saying “Nice t–s, Kelly McGillis!”

Today in Lesbianish TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, First Comes Love (Logo 12:30 p.m.), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), Gray Matters (Logo 2:30 p.m.), Police Women of Memphis (OWN 3 p.m.), Iron Chef America (Food Network 7 p.m.), In The Life (PBS – check local listings), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.) and House Hunters International (HGTV 11:30 p.m.) (Thanks Roni!)

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