Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Thelma Houston, KIN 4 Life, Abbe May and more


Is it summer yet? I am so over the weather here in Chicago. My only saving grace is that I currently work in an office with bright lights, no windows and it’s so hot I am sweating in only a tank top so it kind of feels like a hot summer day. OK, I’ll stop complaining — let’s get to the tunes.

Abbe May

File Under: Sex-fueled pop rock

From: Australia

For Fans Of: Ethereal voices on top of heavy bluesy guitar, Beth Gibbons, Sneaker Pimps, The Black Keys, candles, the Red Light district, bands playing during Buffy the Vampire Slayer (but better), rainy days

Bonus: Here is a trippy remix of her song, “Mammalian Locomotion,” which is perfect for the rainy dreary weather I’m having.

Beldina Malaika

File Under: Smooth R&B, dance pop

From: Sweden

For Fans Of: a mixture of Keyshia Cole and Robyn (weird I know), Jennifer Lopez, Diddy Dirty Money, short sparkly dresses, lotion from The Body Shop

Bonus: Beldina was featured in the Childish Gambino (Community star Donald Glover’s rap act) song “Not Going Back.”

Beth Hart

File Under: Melodic pop rock/alt country, soul

From: L.A.

For Fans Of: rooting for the underdog, sentimental moments, Melissa Ethridge mixed with Gretchen Wilson, Kelly Clarkson, the Aretha Franklin song “I Knew You Were Waiting.”

Bonus: Thanks to reader Shaker for the recommendation! I now recognize her song “Learning to Live” from the Jillian Michaels weight-loss show Losing It!


File Under: Melodic power metal, goth metal

From: Germany

For Fans Of: Lunatica, Asrai, Tristania, Medieval Times, Within Temptation, corsets, laced-up boots

Bonus: Lead singer Ji-In Cho is a total babe. Also, the band is offering up a free download of their song, “Liberato 2011” on their website.


File Under: Electronic, hyperdub

From: UK

For Fans Of: Ellen Alien, video game sounds, Skrillex, Guido, lounging in dark clubs with a martini — but a hipster martini, Apple products, small dance movements, track jackets

Bonus: Oddly enough, Ikonika got her music start by playing drums in hardcore and metal bands.

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