Styled Out: The hats have it


I absolutely love everything about the Royal Wedding happening this Friday in the UK. I know, I know — I realize it’s rather trite, but instead of getting into all of my personal reasons for admiring Kate Middleton and the union at hand, let’s chat about the style traditions surrounding the affair. Apparently, everyone must have the ultimate hat if they plan on showing up at the palace that day.

We don’t have to get any of that sort of wildness to wear on the regular, but it is a great topic starter.

Good news: Fedora hats are still alive and well on the Spring 2011 runways, meaning that you can still Ronson it up to your heart’s desire. I don’t love that DSquared’s site prompts you to select a gender before you shop, but I do love their selection.

The era selected to revisit this spring and summer is the 1970s and it’s really starting to grow on me. Being a person of paler complexion, I was glad to see the extreme brims of sunhats would not only be wildly cute, but extremely beneficial in keeping myself burn free. Marc Jacobs did a stellar job, of course, but for those of us who aren’t ballers, perhaps this hat by Free People will strike your fancy.

I have a confession: I love cowboy hats. I don’t really like much surrounding the twangier part of U.S. culture, but I can really get behind a good straw hat. Not only are they classic but they are really easy to find in all kinds of price ranges. I really like Stetson because it’s truly traditional. This one by Peter Grimm is clean and would compliment almost any warm weather get up.

The steal of the week goes to our old friend, J.Crew. I kind of love the Crusher hat.

Are you a fan of any of these hats for summer?

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