Styled Out: Swim-suiting up


It’s nearly swimsuit season again, ladies. According to like, every store, summer is in full swing, though the weather in most of the U.S. has yet to catch up and recognize. I guess we could look at this from the perspective of a true Positive Patty and take the extra time afforded to us. This year, you’re going to be armed and ultra-prepared. For those of you lucky enough to get a spring break? You have the info now, get on it.

I am in love with Anthropologie. It’s not a big deal — my GF totally knows and accepts that she shares part of my heart with all of its style and perfection. On the subject matter that you and I are speaking on at the moment, Anthro is wooing me once again. I would like the Sea Anemone One Piece in time for our honeymoon, please and thank you. If for some reason it’s not available, I’m sure you’ll agree that a Water Splatter Maillot might also fit the bill.

I think I mentioned it last year but surf company Roxy is a great source for board shorts that fit and have style and they didn’t disappoint with this season’s offerings. The Beach Ball Board Shorts are among my favorites. I’d go for a girl wearing the Closeouts, though, too.

For my lovies on a budget, there’s plenty of cute to be had even with a tight pocketbook. Where Forever 21 lacks in some areas, they make up for in affordable swimwear. Try the Floral Polka Dot bikini on for size. The Flashing Stripes two-piece is nothing to sneeze at, either.

I want us all to just have a moment for the straight and privileged broads, some of who pick out stuff like this to wear on their honeymoons. I also want to note that the site that I found it on is called “Classy Bride.” Obviously.

Are you ready to jump in? The water’s fine.

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