Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Freckles, MNDR, LCMDF and more


We’ve got music from all over the world today and a lot of great stuff that came as recommendations from you, dear readers! I love this, it feels kind of like show and tell from when I was just a kindergarten-aged lesbian.

Denitia Odigie

File Under: Chicken soup for the soul-rock soul

From: Texas

For Fans Of: Bonnie Raitt, Meshell Ndegeocello, if Janelle Monae were a little more soul-centric and a little less of an ArchAndroid, Missy Higgins, Lauren Pritchard, sensible high heels, caramel as an ice cream topper.

Bonus: This gorgeous and talented lady is also a lady lover. Thanks to reader Bellanubian for the excellent suggestion.

Hafdis Huld

File Under: Alien folk rock

From: Iceland

For Fans Of: subtitles, Lucky Charms, sea monkeys, Belle and Sebastian, Jack Johnson, David Gray, summer rain, galoshes.

Bonus: Besides being a former member of two great bands (Gus Gus and FC Kahuna) she also put out what I think is the cutest cover of “Single Ladies.”

Maria McKee

File Under: Bluesy rock and roots

From: Los Angeles

For Fans Of: Annie Lennox, Lone Justice (in which she was a founding member), Kristy McNichol, Lucinda Williams, the Wicked soundtrack, Pretenders, appreciating a time and a place for feathered hair, corn on the cob.

Bonus: Maria is one of our very own Karman Kregloe’s favorite artists ever.


File Under: Sisterly electropop sweetness

From: Finland

For Fans Of: Yelle, Heartsrevolution, The Do, finger painting, M.I.A.’s softer side (like “Sunshower”), dancing in broad daylight, MEN, breakfast for dinner, maybe even Sleigh Bells.

Bonus: Firstly, one of the sister’s names is Mia so that gives her bonus points from me automatically. Secondly, and more importantly, AfterEllen reader Hicky P introduced them to me and I’m pumped on them.


File Under: Heavy bass bumping dance pop

From: Auckland, New Zealand (where they were just at on last night’s Biggest Loser!)

For Fans Of: Ke$ha, Dev, Sky Ferreira, Tiffany Dunn, the Ting Tings, Gwen Stefani, short dresses, slick hair, any of the MTV awards shows, rollerblading, if you like her song “Quit Breathing” (and you should) you’ll notice a similarity to Peaches

Bonus: I’m almost positive her song “Broken Machine” is about crushing on another girl. A great recommendation from AE reader, Kiki.

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